• Best Time To Visit Jhalawar
  • September March
  • Distance From Major Cities To Jhalawar
  • Jaipur-330 kms.
  • Delhi-422 kms.
  • Ahmedabad-411 kms.
  • Mumbai-729 kms.
  • Weather in Jhalawar
  • Summer 42C (Max) - 27C (Min)
  • winter 26C (Max) - 9.5C (Min)
  • Rainy Season July to Mid Sept, and very humid (up to 90%)


About Jhalawar

Jhalawar the land of the Jhalas, has a past and the unexplored treasures of history in this region are a great attraction for the adventure and scholar of history.
The 19th century kingdom of Jhalawar is placed in one of the most picturesque and unexplored parts of Rajasthan. In 1838, the state of Kota was converted into a new principality of Jhalawar by the British for the descendents of Zalim Singh.
Jhalawar is better known as a temple town because of Jhalraptan in its suburbs. Many of these temples date back several centuries.
The lovely Jhalawar is also the site of several colorful festivities. Jhalawar registers huge footfalls during the occasion of the Chandrabhaga Fair. It is also famous as the Kartik Fair. Besides, people from all across the country throng to the Gangaur festival, the Kaleshwar Mahadev Fair, that brings Jhalawar to life.

Tourist Attractions in Jhalawar

Garh Palace:

Garh Palace, Jhalawar  
Situated in the center of the town, this beautiful monument houses the Collectorate and other offices. It was built by Maharajrana Madan Singh during 1840 - 1845 and his successors later on added beautiful paintings inside the rooms which can be seen with the permission of the appropriate authorities.
The Zenana Khas has some excellent frescoes on both walls and mirrors, prime examples of the Hadoti school of art.

Bhawani Natya Shala:

Bhawani Natya Shala, Jhalawar
It is an interesting building constructed in 1921 by Maharaja Bhawani Singh, near the Garh Palace. This unique theatre was built for the performance of plays and other cultural events. It was a popular Parsi theatre in state times. It has been recently revived and gives a very good insight into the theatre -art. It is quite a unique structure and an architectural marvel.
Its uniqueness lies in the fact that its deep stage with its underground construction allows the horses, and even the chariots to appear on stage. Believed to be one of the eight such theatres in the world, in its heyday it was the venue of great plays ranging from Shakuntalam to Shakespeare's classics.

Prithvi Vilas Palace:

Prithvi Vilas Palace, Jhalawar  
A beautifully built palace presently the private residence of former rule's family. It has a rare collection of wildlife trophies in their real life size. The palace has a marvelous view. The construction was completed in 1912 A.D. by Raja Bhawani Singh .
The building has a three sided elegant entrances with a state monogram depicting humility and chivalry the abode of prosperity.

Gagron Fort:

Gagron Fort, Jhalawar
12 Kms. away from Jhalawar, The foundation of this magnificent, impregnable renowned fort was laid in the 7th century and the fort was completed in the 14th century. Outside of the fort is the Dargah of Sufi Saint Mittheshah, where a fair is held every year during the month of Moharram. Nearby is the monastery of Saint Pipa Ji, a contemporary of Saint Kabir.
Gagron Fort is perched on a low ridge at the confluence of the rivers Ahu and Kali Sindh whose water surround it on three sides. On the fourth side there used to be a deep moat completing its defenses. Gagron is among the rare forts which are both a vana and a jala durg - i.e. both forest-protected and water-protected. It is surrounded by forests and has behind it the Mukundarrah range of hills.


Surya Temple Jhalawar, Jhalawar  
Jhalrapatan is located 6 Km from Jhalawar is known as the 'City of Bells' - derived from its numerous temples and their bells. A unique feature about this town is that the entire township resides within the confines of a wall which was built to protect the trade caravans as it was one of the junctions of the trade route.
One can visit some beautiful temples: Surya tempes, Chandrabhaga temples & Shantinath Jain temple.
The padma Nath Temple is the pride of Jhalrapatan . It is one of the best example architecture with lovely sculptures.

How To Reach Jhalawar

Fly Away: The nearest airport is at Udaipur, about 284 kms away from Jhalawar.
On Tracks: The district is connected with rails at four places viz. Jhalawar Road, Choumahala, Pachpahar and Bhawani Mandi which comes in the way of Delhi-Mumbai broad gauge line of Western Railway.
On Wheels:: Almost all the towns and most of the important places are well connected with the district headquarter. The Jaipur-Bhopal National Highway also passes through Jhalawar.

Where To Stay in Jhalawar

Please visit our exclusive section on Hotels in Jhalawar to find the best accommodation in Jhalawar.

Where To Shop in Jhalawar

Shopping places in Jhalawar, Rajasthan are known for a number of items. Some of the famous shopping items of Jhalawar are: Cane baskets, Stone image and Hand Paintings on cloth.