Embroidery and Mirror work

Be it a turban, a flared skirt, a veil or a sari the colour combinations are unusual and brilliant. The women of Rajasthan have mastered the art of embroidering fabrics.
Embroidery and Mirror work  
Embroidery of Rajasthan brings new character and dimension to any article that it graces. It is an ancient craft, which has changed over time to reflect the prevailing social, material and sometimes even the political mood of the times. The needles on different cloths do the embroidery work. The women of Rajasthan are expert in this field and can make very attractive embroidery works on various clothes like in quilts, skirts (gharries), shawls, bed covers and in many more others.
The most particularly ornamented fabrics and articles found in Rajasthan are often those for personal adornment. In Rajasthan, some form of embroidery invariably embellishes the three garments worn by women, the kanchli, ghaghra and odhni. Similarly mens garments like the angarkha, achkan and jama also display certain elements of embroidery. It is also used to beautify the household items, like bedspreads, wall hangings and animal trappings.
Embroidery of Rajasthan becomes the expression of girls, who usually never learn to read or write. These young artists begin their training at the early age of seven or eight, thus learning to create exquisite patterns on plain fabric. A wide variety of techniques are used in the embroidery of costumes and textiles. Some of the popular styles are, among others, metal embroidery, gota work, and sufbharat.

Jaisalmer is the center for trading of embroidery and mirror work items. The saddle of camels and horses of Rajasthan are decorated with embroidery. Even the shoes of Rajasthan are embroidered with varieties of coloured threads. In the temples of Rajasthan, a cloth hanging named the pichwai of Nathdwara can be found, which is also very nicely embroidered. In some cases, the embroidery is done with golden threads to highlight the design. Generally, the pichwai has red cotton background and the stitches are in cream, green, yellow and black, while the white colour is used for the outlines. The motifs of tree, birds and animals are generally embroidered on their skirts (ghagras). Again the women of Bikaner use chunky red woolen shawl with a running stitch in a bandhi pattern in their embroidery.
There are several communities of Rajasthan, who are involved in making leather products and embroideries on them. In the knucklepad leather products, miniature landscapes and festive scenes are embroidered like in Rajput paintings. In these embroidery works of Rajasthan, the minute details of the embroidery are worked out and the group compositions are done carefully. The scenes embroidered here are mainly of human figures as well as floral and bird designs. In Bikaner and Jaisalmer the embroidered leather saddles are very popular. The Jaisalmer embroidery also applies mirror works sometimes to provide a visual impact.
Embroidery and Mirror work  
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