Parasailing and Ballooning in Rajasthan

From sand dunes to lofty mountains, the breathtaking landscape allures all trekking enthusiasts. Explore the rocky Aravallis, or trek to the historic Kumbhalgarh Fort there is a lot to discover in the challenging terrain. For more adrenaline adventures, try hang-gliding & parasailing.
Float over the breeze in hot air balloons to get an aerial view of the heritage city. It is best to glide over Pushkar, Baneshwar or Nagaur during the fairs. Both Delightful and thrilling, as you soar with the winds over golden tracts.
The Joy of being aloft in the wind and the thrill of defying the elements is what parasailing and ballooning are all about. The spirit of adventure and bravery has always been a prominent part of Rajasthani life.
  • About Ballooning in Rajasthan

    The Ballooning Club of India organizes an International Hot Air Balloon Mela in November every year which is an eagerly awaited event for balloonist the world over.

    Ballooning in Rajasthan  

    The undulating sand dunes are ideal for ballooning buffs. People can even travel short distances between towns or historic resorts in these hot air balloons. The best, of course, is to coast over fairs such as Pushkar, Beneshwar or Nagaur in a hot-air balloon.

    The best time for hot air ballooning is from October to March when the temperature becomes cooler. The cold climate makes the hot air inside the balloon lighter and enables it to rise and stay up for a longer period.

  • About Para Sailing in Rajasthan

    Parasailing, also known as parascending, is a recreational activity where a person is towed behind a vehicle while attached to a specially designed parachute, known as a parasail.

    A sport that is begging to be tried out in Rajasthan, with its open, sandy countryside, it is considerably complex to organize and expensive to operate. However, should your operator be able to put all the machinery in place, it could provide another facet of excitement to your visit to Rajasthan. Parasailing and ballooning are annual events held in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Pushkar and attract a large number of tourists and adventure seekers.

    Parasailing in Rajasthan  

    The Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation has set up an Adventure Cell in Jaipur from where you can obtain assistance and information about different outlets for adventure in Rajasthan.

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