• Best Time To Visit Dholpur
  • October March
  • Distance From Major Cities To Dholpur
  • Jaipur-186 kms.
  • Delhi-200 kms.
  • Ahmedabad-666 kms.
  • Mumbai-986 kms.
  • Weather in Dholpur
  • Summer 42C (Max) - 25C (Min)
  • Winter 22C (Max) - 9.6C (Min)
  • Rainy Season July to Mid Sept, and very humid (up to 80%)


About Dholpur

An ancient city near the Chambal River, Dholpur also called Dhaulpur is located in Eastern Part of Rajasthan.
It is bordered by Bharatpur district of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh to the north, Madhya Pradesh to the south, Karauli district to the west and Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh to the east.
Dholpur was created as the capital of a Jat state in as recent as 1805 AD. But the original town is much older than this. It is said to have been built in the early 11th century by one Raja Dhawal Deo. Dhawals city was a little to the south of the present city, and was originally known as Dhawalpuri.
Dholpur is well known in for its excellent sandstone. This red stone was used for building not just the local structures but also those of Delhi like the Red Fort. In fact, the architect of modern Delhi, Edward Lutyens, had a special liking for it.

Tourist Attractions in Dholpur

Much Kund

Much Kund, Dholpur  
Located 8 kms away from Dholpur, Muchchhkund is a revered Hindu site. It was named after Raja Muchchhkund the 24th king of the Suryavanshi Dynasty (the solar race) who is believed to have reigned nineteen generations before Lord Ram.
That was thousands of years ago, and its really surprising how the legend has survived. The place bursts forth with life once a year when it becomes a pilgrim site. There are also the ruins of an ancient fort (1286) built by one Firoz Shah.

Van Vihar and RamSagar Wildlife Sanctuary:

Van Vihar and Ramsagar, old wildlife reserves of the rulers of Dholpur spread over an area of 59.86. sq. kms, were notified as wildlife sanctuaries by the Rajasthan Government in 1955 AD.
Van Vihar is about 18 kms from Dholpur and Ramsagar is another 18 kms from Van Vihar.
Van Vihar and RamSagar Wildlife Sanctuary 
As a matter of fact, these are actually two separate wildlife sanctuaries. Van Vihar, located on Vindhyan plateau, supports a rather open stunted growth of Dhok and Khair trees. It is inhabited by animals like Sambhar, Blue Bull, Chital, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Hyena and Leopard. Tigers were present in the area till the end of the 1960's.
It is said that Maharaj Udaibhan Singh of Dholpur had a great liking for the wild animals of Van Vihar. He used to hand feed not only the deer and antelopes in the reserve but also animals like, jackals, foxes and birds. There is an old forest rest house in Van Vihar which was initially built by the rulers of Dholpur.

Talab e- Shahi Lake:

Just 40 kms from Dholpur is yet another scenic and historic lake known as Talab-e-shahi.
Both the lake and the palace were constructed in 1617 AD. They were considered as the shooting lodge for Price Shahjahan. As a memorial, Talab- E- Shahi was made by the rulers of Dholpur.
Number of migratory lakes used to visit this lake. Migratory fowls like Pintals, shoveller, redcrested pochard, common pochard, tufted duck, common teal, garganery teal.

SherGarh Fort:

It is an old fort of historic importance, located towards the south of Dholpur town, beside the Chambal River. It was named after the Sultan of Delhi, Sher Shah Suri, the Shergarh fort was initially built as a form of defense against the rulers of Mewar in mid 16th century.
The fort is the model of rich delicate style architectures of past. Festooned with carved images, statues of Hindu gods and Jain motifs, Shergarh Fort was protected by water, considered as the charm of Dholpur.

How To Reach Dholpur

Fly Away: The nearest airport is at Agra (50 kms) from Dholpur.
On Tracks: Dholpur district is well connected with both meter gauge and broad gauge rail routes with Agra, Gwalior, Bharatput and Sawai Madhopur etc.
On Wheels: Dholpur district is located on National Highway No.3. The important towns of the district are well connected with metalled roads and state highways.

Where To Stay in Dholpur

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Where To Shop in Dholpur

Dholpur district has a vast area, full of rocks, especially the Dholpur and Rajakhera Part of The Chambal valley is covered by Kachhar. Masonary stones, concrete, sandstone and lime stones are found in plenty in the area.
Many persons are engaged in weaving, pottery, leather tanning, carpentry, black smithy, rope making etc.