Reshma - Renowned Folk Artist

Reshma, a renowned folk singer of Pakistan, was actually born in Bikaner in the 1947. After the partition, her family moved to Pakistan.
She is based in Lahore and by profession she is an advocate.

Reshma's Musical Career

She was discovered by the director Subhash Ghai of hindi movie 'Hero' when he heard her singing at a function in her village. Her most famous song is "Lambi Judai", sung for that same film.
In October 2002, Reshma performed at the Brunei Gallery in London to a packed fall of Pakistani expatriates. Even her daughter Khadija and Umayr also performed in the same show.
Reshma's voice is the voice of the sand-dunes of Rajasthan, the desert, that has produced valourous warriors and builders of magnificent forts and palaces, cities and kingdoms, a land of wandering minstrels whose songs about the incomprehensibility of this confounding world verily drape the dunes, where brave, strong, suffering women glazed by the harsh and beautiful desert heave their sad sighs for release.

Reshma's Famous Songs Catalog