Dolls and Toys (Copa Dolls)

Handicrafts making in Rajasthan covers a wide array of products. The tradition of crafting toys and dolls actually dates back to the pre-historic periods in Rajasthan. Excavations at different regions of Rajasthan have come up with handmade toy carts, figures of human beings or animals, birds and even religious figurines.
Copa Dolls  
Toys and dolls in Rajasthan are crafted primarily from wood, clay, stones and other natural and easily available materials. They not only cater to the dreams of a child but they are also associated with religious rituals and festivals. Even today, there are some religious festivals like Janmashtami, which include rituals involving handmade toys and dolls.
The toys made in Bassi are inspired by local legends. The little cosmetic box called Shringardani is traditionally given to a bride on her wedding day and is a toy for children as well.
The puppets of Rajasthan are very charming due to their exaggerated eyes and lips and colourful dresses. These Puppets are the obvious expression of the human psyche, social and cultural practices, demo graphical differences and as such is a very important part of traditional knowledge and wisdom, passed on through generations.

Famous Destination to Shop Toys and Dolls in Rajasthan

The wooden toys are made in Udaipur and Soft tinted clay toys made in Merta in Nagaur are very popular among tourists. It is also famous for imitation dry fruit which bear a striking resemblance to the real fruits.
Bassi in Chittorgarh district is another noted centre for wooden toys where the entire village is engaged in wood-carving and in making wooden products.
Jaipur too is very well known for cloth dolls and toys which are generally dyed and stuffed with waste material. These toys are beautifully decorated with colourful paper with expression writ large on their faces.
Copa Dolls, Rajasthan  

Dolls Industry in Rajasthan

Rajasthani Dolls Industry is engaged in the manufacture and export of unique and high quality handmade dolls known as copa dolls, traditional puppets, custom made dolls, puppets and handicraft items.
Copa dolls are eco-friendly and are made out of cotton cloth & stuffing. They are embellished with beads & gotta, extending a rich traditional look. These dolls & puppets are available in variety of designs, sizes, colour combinations, themes etc.