Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur

A little out of the city you can journey into the lives of the Maharajas. Move on to battles, weaponry and valour, an indispensable armour of the kings. Perched atop a hill Jaigarh Fort or the Cheel ka Teela is a spectacular fort.
Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur 
Jaigarh Fort is one of the few intact forts in the state of Rajasthan. The fort located some 15 kms from the city centre of Jaipur is one great attraction for the tourists.
Jaigarh Fort was built by Sawai Jai Singh in the year 1726. It was built primarily to enhance the defense of the Amber and the newly built city, at that time - Jaipur. It is because of this that the fort stands established towards the boundary of the city. Military genius is quite evident from the construction of the fort. For many years the fort served as the royal treasury. The fort looks more or less like Amber Fort. It stands rooted on a cliff top and hence offers surveillance of larger land area. Huge battlement can be found surrounding the fort.
The fort looks beautiful at this height, with rich blue sky in the background and stretched out hills scattered here and there. There are watch towers that provide stunning views of the city deep down. The fort gives a feeling of a very strong and adamant protector that is at all times on vigil.
The architectural brilliance is one prime reason for its immense popularity. Jaigarh Fort was essentially built as a massive military gear. Enormous gateways, battlements, loopholes for guns and its strong walls are worth the praise.
Explore the remnants of the past. The fort displays a remarkable collection of coins, puppets, portraits of the kings, granary, well-planned cannon foundry, artillery base and several temples. The tower that kept a watch as far as the eye could take for any potential threat to the state takes you back in time.
One of the largest wheeled canons - Jai Bhan, is located within the fort complex. Besides there are many smaller buildings, compounds and open roof halls located inside the fort.
The views of the city from the fort are quite inspiring. The fort, as it stands on a cliff top provides a bird's eye view of the colourful Jaipur city. The water carriage system is also interesting. A number of water channels, that are fed by the rain, run through the fort complex.
The museum in the fort complex displays armory gear used during medieval times. There are swords, shields, muskets, photographs of some dignitaries and more.
Visiting Hours : 0930-1645 Hrs.