Phad Painting

Phadas belong to the rich tradition of paintings of western India. Phad painting is a beautiful specimen of Indian cloth painting. Rajasthan is the land of colors is known for Phad painting, which is done on cloth. These cloth scroll-paintings in folk styles are known as phads and they depict the lives of local heroes and their stories, and legends of erstwhile local rulers. The smaller version of phad is known as phadakye. Vegetable colours are used on cloth and paper for creating phad paining and historical themes are depicted on phad paintings.
Phad Painting  
Phad paintings have their own styles and patterns and are very popular due to their vibrant colors and historic themes. Phad paintings are the colorful mosaic, depicting the valor of local famous heroes. The unique beauty and themes of Phad paintings have made them the most sought after paintings in the world of art and culture. Most famous heroes of Phad paintings are Goga Chauhan, Prithviraj Chauhan, Amar Singh Rathore, Papuji etc.
Phad painting is an ancient form of folk painting that is basically a large painting on Khadi which depicts the heroic deeds of a heroic figure, the daily life of painters and peasants, rural life, animals and birds, flora and fauna. The smaller version of the phada is known as phadakye. This form of folk art painting makes use of natural earthen colors mixed with gum, water and indigo to get the required colors. Phad paintings are one of the most sought after folk art paintings in the Indian art and cultural context known for their vibrant and enchanting colors and features.

Phad painting is a type of scroll painting. These paintings are created using the rainbow of bright colors and subtle colors. The main themes of the Phad paintings depict the deities and their legends and the stories of erstwhile maharajas. These paintings are magnificent and its outlines are drawn in block and filled with colors. The outlines of the paintings are first drawn in block and later filled with colors.
Phad paintings, depicting the life of Pabuji a local hero, now deified are predominantly red and green coloured long scrolls carried by the Bhopas. They are unfurled by these itinerant balladeers of Rajasthan, who, narrate in song the legend of Pabuji on auspuicious occasions to the accompaniment of the folk instrument Ravanhatta.
Made by the Joshis of Shahpur, near Bhilwara, Phads are now also available in smaller panels portraying single incidents or characters from the epic.
Phad Painting  
For Phad painting, vibrant raw colors are used. Some of the unique features of Phad paintings are the bold lines and a two dimensional treatment of figures with the entire composition arranged in sections.