• Best Time To Visit Jalore
  • October March
  • Distance From Major Cities To Jalore
  • Jaipur-418 kms.
  • Delhi-561 kms.
  • Ahmedabad-711 kms.
  • Mumbai-986 kms.
  • Weather in Jalore
  • Summer 32.8C (Max) - 16.8C (Min)
  • Winter 25.4C (Max) - 7.3C (Min)
  • Rainy Season July to Mid Sept, and very humid (up to 90%)


About Jalore

Situated on the southern edge of the vast sandy plain of Marwar, is a delightful city of Jalore. It is a typical small Rajasthani town where the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities is missing.
It is surrounded by Barmer on the North-West, Sirohi on the South-East, Pali on the North-East and Banaskantha district of Gujarat on the South-West. Jalore lies south of Sukri River a tributary of Luni River and is about 121 km south of Jodhpur.
The serene and unruffled surroundings make Jalore a good place to experience the unspoiled and friendly atmosphere of rural Rajasthan. The city is also known as the 'Granite City' with hoards of shops dealing in granite.

Tourist Attractions in Jalore

Jalore Fort

The main attraction of Jalore is its fort, which was one of the 'nine castles of Maru', under the Parmaras in the 10th century. Jalore retains an impressive fort which has been known over history as the Sonagir or the 'golden mount'.
It commands the town from a rocky outcrop 336m (1,200 ft) high fortified with a wall and bastions with cannon mounted upon them. This elevation takes a good two hours to climb. The main approach to the fort is from the north, up a steep, slippery road through three rows of fortification to a single rampart wall 6.1m (20 ft) high. ...more on Jalore Fort in Rajasthan

Sunda Mata temple:

Sunda Mata temple,Jalore  
At 1220 M height in the Aravli ranges there on Sundha mountain is temple of goddesses Chamunda Devi a very sacred place for devotees.
This place lies in Raniwara Teshil in the midest of Malwara to Jaswantpura Road near Dantlawas village. Lacs of tourists from Gujarat and Rajasthan visits here.
A very beautiful idol of goddesses Chamunda is present under the huge stone. Here Chamunda's head is worshipped. It is said that the trunk of mother Chamunda are established in Korta and legs in Sundarla Pal(Jalore).

Lohanagarh of Jaswantpura:

70 Km. away from Jalore, 40 Km. from Bhinmal and 50 Km. from Aburoad, Jaswantpura is the most greenous panchayat samiti area of Jalore district. Situated in the valley of mountain its natural beauty is tremendous Temperature during summers remains comparatively Low.
It is named after the ruler of Marwar (Jodhpur) Maharaja Jaswant Singh. Prior to 1947, it was the headquarters of the district by the same name.
This area is rich in wild life. Tigers, boars, bears, monkeys etc strays into nearby villages so many times.

Jain Temples:

Jalore is also a place of pilgrimage for Jains and the famous Jain temples of Adinath, Mahavira, Parsvanath and Santinath are located here. The oldest temple is that of Adinath, which existed as far back as in the 8th century. The mandapa was subsequently built in 1182 A.D. by Yasovira, a Srimali vaishya.
The temple of Parsvanath was built by the ruler of Jalore and then rebuilt in 1785 A.D. This temple has a spectacular toran or an archway and a golden "cupola" in the hall meant for theatre performances.
The temple of Mahavira was also known as Chandanavihara Nahadarao, named after a Pratihara ruler and a hero of Jain tradition who built it in the 14th century.
The temples of Santinatha and the Ashtapads are believed to have existed in the 13th century.

How To Reach Jalore

Fly Away: Nearest Airport is Jodhpur Airport 141 Km from Jalore. At Jodhpur one can find nearly all type of domestic flights. There are direct flights to Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai and other Metros.
On Tracks: : Jalore is situated in Samdari-Bhildi narrow guage segment,which is under conversion to broadguage shortly.Borad guage will connect Jalore directly with Jodhpur Division network in Rajasthan and Dhanera-Deesa-Palanpur-Ahmedabad network in Gujarat.
On Wheels: National Highway No.15, (Bhatinda-Kandla) passes through the district in Sanchore tehsil. All the block head quarters are connected with bus routes.

Where To Stay in Jalore

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Where To Shop in Jalore

Jalore is the agricultural market for the surrounding area.