Water Sports in Rajasthan

Water sports are a new entrant on the horizon and there is still a long way to go before it can be considered as a serious option. Rajasthan is trying to gear up to put its lakes and rivers to good use by introducing several water sports here.
Water Sports in Rajasthan  
Wherever there is a safe body of water, there are boats to give the visitors rides on them. Boating and angling are quite common here. Gliding through the unperturbed water while enjoy the cool breeze can definitely be a refreshing experience.
  • Lakes The Preferred Destinations

    Rajasthan has got pretty good options as far as water sports is concerned. And if you do not fear water, then you have got real exciting watery packages.

    Ramgarh lake near Jaipur is a man-made reservoir around 4 kms. In length and 2 kms in width. Throughout the year, water sports of all kinds can be arranged here. Facilities for swimming, boating etc. are available. Boating is a regular feature, conducted by trained Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation staff. A fully equipped tourist village with 10 huts is situated here. During the 1982 Asian games, rowing competitions were held at Ramgarh.

    Water Sports in Rajasthan  

    Siliserh Lake a short drive for about 10 kms from Alwar leads you to the dreamland. The rolling hills, flaming with bougainvillea and gulmohar, cradle the majestic Siliserh Lake. A beautiful Palace Hotel run by RTDC provides all facilities for water sports. ...more on Siliserh Lake in Rajasthan

    Rajasthan also offers angling sites. Bandh Baretha in Bharatpur and Jaisamand in Alwar, Mansarover near Sariska, Kukas, Chhaparwara and Ramgarh in Jaipur are an anglers paradise. However, the enthusiasts are advised to carry their own equipment and obtain permission from the Fisheries Department. Patience and perseverance in angling , as in life, has rich rewards.

    Equipment, trainers and guides and courses, anything that is required for enjoying water sports in Rajasthan is readily available.