Z M Dagar - Famous Dhrupad Musician

Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar popularly known as Z M Dagar, was of the 19th generation of Dagar family dhrupad musicians and was largely responsible for the revival of the rudra vina as a solo concert instrument.

Personal Profile of Z M Dagar

Z M Dagar - Famous Dhrupad Musician 

He was born on 14th march 1929, in the town of Udaipur,Rajasthan. He began his training under the tutelage of his father, Ustad Ziauddin Khan Dagar, court musician for the Maharaj of Udaipur.
Z M Dagar was trained both in vocals and in the rudra vina, an instrument used by vocalists to practice melodies.

Creator of Dagar Vina

His transition from the 90's till date has been absolutely marvelous as he has moved towards much more melodious and meaningful Ghazals.
The vina was traditionally not played in public, but the young Zia Mohiuddin adopted it as his primary instrument, giving his first recital at age 16.
With the help of instrument, he enlarged the tumbas (gourds) and dhandhi (hollow neck) to create greater resonance and to allow the notes to sustain longer and so better reproduce the techniques used in dhrupad singing.
He was known particularly for his slow development of ragas, which were typically performed accompanied only by a tanpura and occasionally with pakhawaj, and for his meticulous attention to microtonal inflections.

Great Recogniation Across the World

He had performed all over the world and also he was affiliated with the American society of eastern arts in Berkeley, California and taught for many years at the university of Washington in Seattle and Rotterdam Music Conservatory in Holland.


In 1990, Ustad was awarded by Kalidas Samman, one of the most prestigious award of the country by Madhya Pradesh Government. He had also received Sangeet Natak Academy Award, Maharana Kumbha award and many more.

Catalog of Z.M. Dagar's Performance