Tribal Jewellery

Jewelry made by Rajasthani tribes is attractive in its rustic and earthy way. Using materials available in the local area, it is crafted with the help of primitive tools. The appeal of tribal jewelry lies in its chunky, unrefined appearance.
Tribal Jewellery, Jaipur  
Bone, wood, clay, shells, crude metal are some of the common raw material used in tribal jewelry. The shapes are basic.
Rajasthan's silver tribal jewelry is very famous. It is a delightful collection of earrings, bracelets, bangles, amulets, anklets, hairpins and necklaces. These have a characteristic oxidized appearance. These oxidized metal accessories are often adorned with bunches of tiny silver bells and colorful stones.
Tribal jewellery can be mentioned as one of the chief attractions of Rajasthan. The wide range of tribal jewellery of Rajasthan varies from its chunky tribal jewellery to enamelled gold to modern diamond jewellery. These have a huge market worldwide. In Rajasthan, men and women can be seen with colorful necklaces, armlets, anklets, earrings and rings. Silver is more commonly worn by the rural women and is certainly more affordable.

Another important variety for tribal jewellery of Rajasthan is lac. There is production of several colorful bangles, which are made of lac and set with semiprecious stones in it. These make an economical buy for the classy people. The craftsmen take great pains to set in the hundreds of stones into the lac. This art needs perfect skill, as these are famous all over the country.
Silver and gold work old pendant is somewhat antique tribal jewellery basically it is an old silver and gold work pendant from Rajasthan. This main case of this pendant is made of excellent silver and pure gold wirework piece seated inside. These have an ethnic look which attracts lot of tourists. Anklet pair with bells is a beautiful tribal old silver broad ankle bracelet pair from Rajasthan. This looks grand as it enhances the beauty of a woman. This is mainly popular among banjara tribal people of Rajasthan.
Toe rings in Gajre design is also a variety of tribal jewellery of Rajasthan. This is basically a very nice tribal old silver toe rings pair. These are common in Rajasthani tribal women. These are of different styles and structures. Some are plain and simple while some are of special textures.
The range of earrings used amongst the Rajasthani tribal is wide in number. These vintage antique tribal old silver earrings are very famous among the tribal folk.
Tribal Jewellery, Jaipur  

Where to Shop Tribal Jewellery in Jaipur

Johari Bazar, Bapu Bazaar, M.I. Road, C-Scheme, Nehru Bazaar of Jaipur showcases the exclusive creations in Tribal jewellery and these ornamentations are must-buys for the tourists of the state.