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Palace on Wheels

Train - The Moving Palace

"The luxurious and lavishly decorated trains that run through the rustic land of Rajasthan take you to relive the grandeur of erstwhile Rajput era while living like a true King. The exploration of majestic forts and palaces of Rajasthan on world famous Palace on Wheels will surely give you an unforgettable experience."

Royal Rajasthani Trains

Palace on Wheels  

Rajasthan, the land of heritage and culture flaunts a kaleidoscope of art, royalty and regal customs. Be it the spectacular colourful paintings or the exquisite artifacts, Rajasthan is always on the forefront. But the real magic of Rajasthan lies with its princely cities that are still dipped into the aroma of elegance and royalty. The age old forts and palaces are sure to take your breathe away with their history of courage and audacity. If we embark to discover the colour of Rajasathan, then what else is the best way than the luxury trains?
Trains, long serpentine trains, running on the mile spread tracks piercing the golden sands of Rajasthan make a beautiful scene which has inspired numerous artists to portray into canvas. The luxury trains are undoubtedly the best way to travel through the imperial land of Rajasthan while experiencing the royal life style as well. Considered to be one of the best trains of the entire world, a travel by these trains are sure to make you mesmerized and bewitched.

Princely Charms on Royal Wheels of Rajasthan

Palace on Wheels  

The facility and luxury of these trains are aristocrat and elegant. A lavishly decorated cabin with wall to wall carpeting and a personalized service makes you to experience the king-like life style of Rajasthan. The grandeur of royalty is present in every aspect of the trains. From the extremely luxurious sitting and sleeping area to the delicacy of the food, the trains are palaces on the run.
Amongst all of them, the Palace on Wheels is the most famous for its elegance. Tourists coming to Rajasthan from other parts of the world make it a point to aboard the train at least for once and have the baronial experience. The train also houses a library, multi cuisine restaurant and a well stocked bar. The other trains that are ready to make your journey in the wonderland of Rajasthan a memorable experience are Fairy Queen and Heritage on Wheels. You may select the trains according to the itinerary they follow.