Shopping in Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan is famous all over the world for its unique culture and traditions. The medieval period, especially the last few centuries, have left an incredible impression upon the coming generations. The arts and crafts, monuments, traditional practices and the distinctive outlook give it an identity of its own.
One can bring home a good experience and some great souvenirs from this popular state. Exquisite furniture, leather products, pottery, metal craft, textiles, jewellery are some of the treasures you can buy from the markets of Rajasthan.
Every city or town of Rajasthan has some artifacts or antiquity which accounts for the speciality of its markets.
Some popular shopping artifacts of Rajasthan have been given below:

Blue Pottery

Blue Pottery 
If you want to understand the true concept of Heritage in India then Rajasthan is an ideal place for you to begin with. It upholds the tradition and culture of the Rajputs at its best.

Situated on the Thar Desert with the Aravalli range bordering it, Rajasthan tells of the many battles fought and won by the heroic Rajputs. The many palaces, forts, temples, havelis, all tell of an ancient tale. The palaces and havelis constructed in marble and sandstone are like a dream woven in stone amidst the desert topography. Rajasthani Art is held in high esteem all throughout the world....more on Blue Pottery

Carpets and Dhurries

Rajasthani hand-woven cotton durries also called Panja durries, are known for their remarkable geometric patterns and colors. They not only command sizable markets in India, but also overseas.
The dhurrie, a simple rug that was once used as an underlay, has now become one of the state's best known weaving traditions. Weavers sit on looms in villages, creating an interesting blend of patterns- mostly geometric, sometimes floral- in an exciting combination of colours. Made from cotton yarn, in areas such as Bikaner and Jaisalmer, the camel-hair, woolen dhurrie too is available....more on Carpets and Dhurries

Jaipuri Razai

Jaipur is well known for its soft and featherweight quilts. The quilts are available in striking colors with Sanganeri prints, bright tie-dyed materials, prints on cotton and velvet to suit your mood.
In the Indian state of Rajasthan, quilt-makers have developed a tradition of making a warm, snuggly, lightweight quilt called a Jaipuri razai. Although the name seems exotically foreign to Anglophones, the translation is fairly straightforward....more on Jaipuri Razai


The Rajasthan, men and women traditionally wore necklace, armlets, anklets, earrings and rings. With the advent of the Mughal Empire, Rajasthan became a major centre for production of the finest kind of jewellery. It was a true blend of Mughal with the Rajasthani craftsmanship.
The Mughals brought sophisticated design & technical know-how of the Persians with them. The common link was the inherently decorative nature of the Muslim and Hindu Art....more on Jewellery


Leather ware industry in the state of Rajasthan employs both men and women. The shoes and sandals are cut and stitched by the men who also undertake tanning of the leather, while the women take on the embroidery and decoration aspect of these.
The decoration of the footwear is done with sequin, beads, golden and colored thread. Tilonia village near Ajmer is known for the graphic patterns made on the indigenous leather products. ...more on Leatherware

Metal Crafts

Metal craft is an art form that has been passed down the generations from a long period of time. It is important type of handicraft that has flourished in India with its excellent artistry and exquisite work. The royal metal wares and the beautiful ornamentations in metal artefacts have always won the hearts of all with their intricate work and style.
The metal crafts of Rajasthan comprises of artistic brass work, enamelled and engraved silverware & metalware....more on Metal Crafts


Rajasthans role in the development of Indian art has been very important. The decoration of dwellings and other household objects was put one aspect of the creative genius of the Rajasthani. The world of miniature paintings is perhaps the most fascinating and the distinctive styles that have existed here are renowned the world over. From the 16th century onwards there flourished different schools of paintings like the mewar school, the Bundi-Kota kalam, the Jaipur, Bikaner, Kishangarh and Marwar schools....more on Paintings

Puppets or Kathputli

The toys made in Bassi are inspired by locals & legends. The little cosmetic box called Shringardani is traditionally given to a bride on her wedding day and is a toy for children as well. Wooden toys made in Udaipur are very popular. Soft tinted clay toys are made in Merta, in Nagaur district. Toy makers of Jaipur make elephants and horses of stuffed cloth, decorated with tinsel ot embroidered cloth. Brilliantly colored birds and animals of papier mache are also a favourite....more on Puppets or Kathputli


The Textile of Rajasthan has a fascinating range of dyed and block printing fabrics. Each state has its own special colour-scheme design and technique.
Rajasthani textiles come in an attractive range of hand-block prints, tie & dye, embroidered fabrics with mirror work. The art of Khari or over printing in gold is also practiced here. The Bandhni or tie & dye work comes from Sikar, Jodhpur, Udaipur, etc. Light and painstakingly printed Kota Doria sarees are a range with women during the hot summer season....more on Textiles


Wood - sometimes plain often painted - is used to make everything from furniture to artifacts. While the furniture ranges from the made-as old that is such a range all over the world, its contemporary variants include chairs with painted backs, camel-hide stools, marble-top tables and carved cabinets.
Artifacts include a range of animal - horses, elephants, parrots - that are beautifully painted as well as boxes, chests snuff boxes and other interesting paraphernalia including dancing figurines and dwarpals or guardians of the doors....more on Woodworks