Rajasthan excels in wide range of precious and semi-precious jewellery. Exquisite ornaments are made in jaipur and Jodhpur using emerald, diamond, pearl, garnet, agate and lapis lazuli.
Gemstone, Jaipur  
Jaipur has been famous for artisans specializing in cutting of precious and semi-precious stones. The design and the way the stones are cut in Jaipur represents the admixture of Mughal and Rajput styles.
As opposed to the modern equipments used by European lapidaries, Jaipur workers use simple tools, inspite of which their dexterity and skill is remarkable.
A piece of jewellery very popular in Rajasthan is the navaratna. This is collection of nine gems set together in a single piece of jewellery, either a pendant or a ring. The gems were said to counteract the external and evil influnces of the planets and ensure good luck for those who wear them.

Pearls were also considered extremely lucky to wear and emperors even ate ground pearls as medicine. Pearls veils covered the faces of brides and grooms.
A large number of the traditional designs in jewellery are still very popular. Many of them are now made in cheaper metals for the common man, and precious stones are replaced by colored glass or semiprecious stones.
The jewellery of Rajasthan has a rich tradition that has imbibed the best brought in by the Mughals without losing its own distinct character. As Birdwood comments: In nothing do the people of India display their naturally gorgeous and costly taste, so much arms which are not only fabricated of the richest and rarest materials but wrought like wise with all elaborateness, delicacy and splendour of design within the reach of art.
Gemstone, Jaipur  

Where to Shop Gemstone Jewellery in Jaipur

Johari Bazar, M.I. Road, C-Scheme of Jaipur showcases the exclusive creations in semiprecious, precious and studded ornamentations and these masterpieces are must-buys for the tourists of the state.