Jaisamand Lake, Udaipur

The City of Lakes as it is known, is located in the central part of the fascinating erstwhile kingdom of Mewar. The Sisodia dynasty, Suryavanshi by descent, ruled Mewar for several years. Udaipur is known in history to have refused to pay obeisance to the mighty Mughals and hence was engaged in constant battles with the Mughals. After the death of Udai Singh, his valiant son Maharana Pratap took over the royal reins. The fierce battle of haldighati fought between Akbar and Maharana Pratap speaks volumes of the Rajput valour, and has gone down in the annals of Indian History.
Jaisamand Lake, Udaipur  
Udaipur is a picturesque city, a vision in white with clear azure lakes, embraced by the Aravalli ranges. You will find the city, a fascinating feast to the senses. It is an inspiration for poetry and canvasses with palace out of fair tales, lakes, temples and gardens thart still retain ther flavour of a heroic past.
IT might interest you that Jaisamand Lake was the largest artificial lake in Asia, till the Aswan Cam, Egypt was constructed.
Jaisamand Lake is also known as Dhebar, is located 52km south east of Udaipur. The lake, built by Maharana Jai Singh in 1685, is the second biggest artificial lake of the world covering an area of 36sq km, was formed by a marble dam built across the Gomati River in the late 17th century.
There are some elegant marble cenotaphs on its banks and a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. On either side of the lake where the summer palaces were built for the Maharanis of that time today houses government offices.
The lake houses six cenotaphscarved out of marble on its embankment. Jaismand Lake is closed to the Jaisamand wildlife sanctuary that serves as a habitat to various species of birds and animals.

It is large reservoir lake, in the southeastern Aravalli Range, south-central Rajasthan state, northwestern India. The northern end of the lake has a palace with a courtyard while its southern end has a pavilion of 12 pillars. The summer palaces of the Queens of Udaipur surround Jaisamand Lake on all sides and it is a popular spot for outings and picnics.