Lake Palace, Udaipur

Lake Palace or Jag Niwas is regarded as one of the most beautiful palace of the world, the mere sight is mesmerizing as this white wonder arises out of the turquoise waters of lake Pichola. Built in 1746, by Maharana Jagat Singh II on the island of Jag Niwas, as a summer resort.
Lake Palace, Udaipur
This cool haven is a marvel in stone and is the best example of Mughal- Rajput architecture. The courtyards lined with columns, spectacular terrace gardens, foliage and fountains all add to its striking architecture.
The rooms are decorated with cusped arches, inland stones of pink, and green lotus leaves and painted mirrors. Apartments like the Bada Mahal, Kush Mahal, Ajjan Niwas, Phool Mahal and Dhola Mahal. All enhance the romance of the elegant setting.
It has a perfect Moorish setting coloured glasswork framing the windows, marble flooring, the bed with its luxurious bedding and offers the most enchanting way to watch the sun set over the quiescent waters of the lake. In the heart of the room is an antique jhoola (swing).
The upper room of the palace is a perfect circle and is about 21 feet in diameter. Ferguson, the noted antiquarian, is of the opinion, that it was the prettiest room that he had ever seen or known in India. The walls are ornamented with niches and decorated with arabesques of different coloured stones in the same style as the Taj at Agra, though the patterns are Hindu and dome is exquisitely beautiful in form.
A room built of 12 enormous slabs of marble, Shah Jahans throne sculptured from a single block of serpentine and the little mosque dedicated to Kapuria Baba, a Muhammedan Saint, are other objects of interest on the island.
It is a completely white structure standing majestically on a hill surrounded by crenellated walls. This enormous edifice of 30.4 meters height and 244 meters length.
The entrance to this palace is through 'Hathi Pol', along the main street of the old city. The 'Bara Pol', brings you to the first court which leads into the tripolia gate, which has eight carved marble arches or torans.
There is a 'Suraj Gokhada', the 'Balcony of Sun', Where the Maharanas of Mewar in times of trouble gave an audience to the people to restore their confidence.
Bhagwat Singh, one of descendants of the empire, decided to convert the Jag Niwas Palace into Udaipurs first luxury hotel. Didi Contractor, an American artist, became a design consultant to this hotel project.