• Best Time To Visit Dungarpur
  • October March
  • Distance From Major Cities To Dungarpur
  • Jaipur-425 kms.
  • Delhi-259 kms.
  • Ahmedabad-180 kms.
  • Mumbai-1202 kms.
  • Weather in Dungarpur
  • Summer 42C (Max) - 25C (Min)
  • Winter 22C (Max) - 1C (Min)
  • Rainy Season July to Mid Sept, and very humid (up to 90%)


About Dungarpur

Dungarpur district is the stronghold of the Bheels, a tribe whose history of occupancy in the Aravalli range is said to date back to 4000 BC.Founded in 1197. The rulers of Dungarpur claim descent from the Rajput house of Mewar.
Dungarpur is at the foot hills of the Aravallis and was once home to the Bhil tribe. In 1282 AD, Rajput king Rawal Veer Singh assassinated Dungaria, the Bhil Chieftain and took over the land. The area is rich in forests and wildlife.
Dungarpur is famous for its particular style of architecture. The palaces of the Dungarpur princes and the residence of the noble ones are adorned by stone jharokhas and a new style of jharokhas which was developed by Maharawal Shiv Singh reign (1730-1785 A.D.). The gold and silversmiths of Dungarpur and Banswara are well known for lacquer painted toys and picture framing.

Tourist Attractions in Dungarpur

Juna Mahal:

Juna Mahal
One of the foremost Tourist attractions of Dungarpur is the Juna Mahal. Built way back in the 13th century, this seven storied structure bears a great deal of resemblance to a fortress.
Its narrow passages were meant to hinder the enemies from entering and the tall towers to keep a watch on their encroachments. The fine frescoes, the beautiful miniature paintings and the splendid glass and mirror work that adorn the interiors of the Juna Mahal are absolutely stunning. Any visitor is sure to keep staring at them for their exquisiteness. It is still home to the royal family of Dungarpur.

Rajmata Devendra Kunwar State Museum:

Rajmata Devendra Kunwar State Museum
Rajmata Devendra Kunwar State Museum and Cultural Centre, Dungarpur was opened to the general public in the year 1988 and is now a days regularly frequented by visitors.
The museum has a beautifully sculpture gallery that brings to fore the history of Vagad Pradesh, which spreads over present day Dungarpur, Banswara and Kherwara. The sculptural gallery is to be marveled at.
The Government run museum has pieces from 6th century. They are well displayed but the captions are in Hindi.

Gaib Sagar Lake:

Gaib Sagar Lake
The famous places to see in Dungarpur include the Gaib Sagar Lake. Set amongst scenic environs, It is the famous bird paradise, with trees lined on the pathway of the lake. A large number of beautiful feathered creatures can be sighted in the picturesque environs of this tranquil stretch.
The environs are scintillating with mirthful surroundings around the Gaib Sagar Lake, against the background of green hills. The woods and the waters of the lake provide habitat to thousands of ducks of a dozen species, several thousand gray and purple herons, egrets, purple moorhens, white breasted water hens, bee-eaters and green pigeons.
The famous shrine of Shrinathji lies along the lake. The temple complex has a number of beautifully built shrines inside it, with one being the main temple. One of them is the Vijay Raj Rajeshwar Temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva is best known for its architectural brilliance. Thousands of devotees throng the place, through out the year.

Udai Bilas Palace:

Udai Bilas Palace  
Maharwal Udai Singh II built this palace to serve as the royal residence. It is a great patron of art and architecture, built a wing of bluish grey local stone "Pareva" overlooking the lake and the "Ek Thambia Mahal", featuring intricate sculptured pillars and panels, spectacular arches ornate balconies, balustrades, bracketed windows, arches and frieze of marble carvings, a veritable marvel of Rajput architecture.
Everything about it is simply spectacular and it therefore comes as no surprise that is one of the premier Tourist Attractions in Dungarpur.

How To Reach Dungarpur

Fly Away: The nearest airport is Udaipur (120 km). Ahmedabad Airport (175 kms) from Dungarpur.
On Tracks: It is connected to Udaipur and Ahmedabad. The Railway station is 3 kms from the city. Some important train connections are Himatnagar-Dungarpur-Udaipur.
On Wheels: National Highway No.8 which runs between Delhi and Bombay passes through the district for a total distance of 31 kms. The State Highway passes through the district viz. Shirohi - Ratlam highway.

Where To Stay in Dungarpur

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Where To Shop in Dungarpur

Dungarpur is also famous for its lacquer toys and the art of picture framing, which can be abundantly seen on display during the fairs and festivals here. Artisans first make toys from wood and coat them with lacquer, giving them a shining coat. Semi liquid lacquer is also moulded into a certain shape and then left to dry, eventually being shaped into animal and human figures.