Nakki Lake, Mount Abu

Rajasthans only hill station is also a major pilgrim centre for the Jain community. Mount Abu is located in the south-western corner of Rajasthan. Although a part of Aravalli range, it is detached completely from it by a narrow valley and the highest point Guru Shikhar. Mount Abu owing to its good rainfall, has the richest vegetation in Rajasthan, a wide variety of trees and shrubs can be viewed as one drives up to Mount Abu.
Nakki Lake, Mount Abu
The flowering trees, notably Flame of the Forest, and shrubs make the area seem like a gigantic garden.
Gaumukh temple, Achalgarh fort, Tods Rock, Sunset Point, Trevors Tank are some of the interesting areas to be visited.
Mount Abu has not many lakes in its premises or vicinity. The most famous lake found in Mount Abu is Nakki Lake. It is a serene and placid lake, one of the major tourist attractions of Mount Abu and situated beside it, is the Sri Raghunathji temple and the Maharaja Jaipur Palace.
Nakki Lake a focal point for visitors to Abu is a lovely little artificial lake ringed round by hills and overhung by the enormous Toads Rock. Boating and exploring the lakes little islets is a favorite recreation. The rulers of most Rajput states built summer villas round the lake; some of these are now guest houses or hotel. Nakki lake is said to have been dug by the god with their nails, hence its name, as nakki means nails.
Nakki is a small lake with small islets that can be reached by a boat. The location of the lake, the rich surroundings and amazing landscape views is a regular crowd puller.
Ragunath Temple, a popular one in the district, lies nearby the lake. Some people, Hindu devotes, take it as a sacred lake, as a reference has been made about it in the popular legends.

The picture perfect location of the lake surrounded with mountains, gardens and rock formations also make it a very good location for photography. In the evening the setting sun makes the canvas.