Kripal Singh Shekhawat

 Kripal Singh Shekhawat 

Kripal Singh Shekhawat, a majestic craftsman, has taken the fine art of blue pottery to unbelievable heights.

Personal Profile

Although he was born in Rajasthan in the year 1922, his destiny took him to the far flung Shantiniketan (West Bengal), Rabindranath Tagore's famous art school. He studied art there and after that he pursued a Diploma in Oriental Arts from Tokyo University.
In 1955, he started a mural on the life of Mahatma Gandhi in the fresco technique at Birla House. In 1963, he became Director of the Sawai Ram Singh Shilpa Kala Mandir at Jaipur where he taught Indian Painting and Blue Pottery.
A distinguished traditional artist, Kripal Singh's paintings are poetic. They carry the expression of the traditional and early styles of painting with bold innovations in a delicate and refined manner. His works also claim an important historical place in the organic evolution of traditional paintings. There is no one who can create his style of painting with great detail he has shown the birds, clothes, animal, flowers which shows the dedication with he creats a real painting.
He revived the art of blue pottery which had become dead. He made many changes with the designs. It was due to his hard work that the blue pottery has reached the pinnacle.

Artistic Achievements

He was awarded the prestigious Padma Shri in 1974. Many decades later, he was also honoured with the title "Shilp Guru" by Government of India in 2002.