Nasiyan Temple, Ajmer

The Jain temple at Nasiyan is dedicated to the first Tirthankar, Rishabdeoji. Tour the aesthetic and pleasing Jain temple at Nasiyan that is also known as the Red Jain Temple due to the color of the stone. The temple was constructed in 1865 A.D.
Nasiyan Temple, Ajmer  
The two-storied structure of Nasiyan Temple is divided into two parts, where one is the worship area comprising the idol of Lord Adinath and the second is the museum including a hall. The museum hall gets the major attention due to its mind blowing interiors made up in gold. This exquisite museum depicts the five stages (Panch Kalyanak) in the life of Lord Adinath, in the stature of statues. With the dimensions of 40 x 80 feet.
The astonishing and inimitable display of the shrine, made it to be recognized, as the Golden Temple (Swarna Mandir). The hall displays a series of large gold plated wooden figures depicting legends from Jain mythology. The entire hall is richly adorned by glass mosaic, precious stones, gold and silver work. The place is also popularly called Soni Ji Ki Nasiyan.
Behind the temple the Swarna Nagri Hall, is a must see for the gilt-edged wooden depiction from Jain mythology and some gold plated sculptures that adorn the massive hall.
Situated in the center of the town, and is also famous by the name Golden Temple, due to this amazing and unique display.
The celestial appearance of the temple creates a kind of divine aura that appeals to the mind of pilgrims and devotees. In the inner prayer chamber, small silver balls hanging from the ceiling absolutely enthrall the onlooker. The posh interiors of the temple boast of the aesthetic and rich taste of the Digambar Jains. In the vein of other Jain architecture, Nasiyan Temple has high fortifications encircling the temple complex. Jain Temple receives devotees, who come to pay their homage to Lord Adinath, from all over India.

The temple opens at 8:30 am and it closes at 4.30 pm. The entry fee is fixed as 2 rupees.