• Best Time To Visit Mount Abu
  • March - May and September - December
  • Distance From Major Cities To Mount Abu
  • 185 kms, North West of Udaipur
  • Weather in Mount Abu
  • Summer 33.8C (Max) - 23.3C (Min)
  • winter 20.3C (Max) - 0C (Min)
  • Rainfall between 61 cm - 177 cm

Mount Abu

About Mount Abu

The Aravalli hills stretching from Delhi to Gujarat reach their highest point here in a mountain, atop which is a picturesque plateau. This is Abu in Sirohi district, a lush green summer resort and the only hill station in Rajasthan.
Mount Abu has a somewhat steep incline, with ravines cut into its sides, filled with trees, bushes and beautiful birds. It is a detached hill, and on the plateau on the summit are granite rocks of fantastic shapes, the space between them covered with greenery.
The Hill of Wisdom, The Saint's Pinnacle, The Rajput Olympus, the Mon Capitalia of Pliny. Yes all these are titles for just one place Mount Abu.
The name `Abu is variously described as another name for the son of Himalayas, a corruption of Arbuddha (hill of wisdom), or Arbuda, the name of the legendary serpent.
Abul Fazal (Akbars chronicler) has mentioned in the Akbarnama (a historical record written during Akbar's time) that the old name of Abu was Arbuda Achal Arbuda being the name of a spirit who, disguised as a woman, shows way to the wanderers, and achal meaning mountain.

Tourist Attractions in Mount Abu

Dilwara Jain Temple:

Dilwara Temples are one of the finest Jain temples & many even consider them architecturally superior to the Taj Mahal. The two temples Vimala Vasahi & Luna Vasahi are singled out by experts as superb examples of architecture.
These beautifully carved temples built between 11th and 13th century A.D. are sheer elegance in marble, dedicated to the jain Tirthankaras. The Vimal Vasahi temple is the oldest of these dedicated to the first Tirthankara. Built in 1031 A.D. (by Vimal Shah-a merchant and representative of then Gujarat ruler), it is a superb example of temple architecture.
The central shrine has an image of Rishabhdev and large courtyard with 52 small shrines ...more on Dilwara Jain Temple in Mount Abu

Gaumukh Temple:

A natural spring flowing through a sculpted cows head gives the shrine its name. The famous yagna of sage Vashishtha was performed here. A beautifully sculpted hill temple of Arbuada-the mighty serpent stands against the beautiful backdrop. Nearby is the magnificent marble image of Nandi, the celestial bull rescued by Arbuada.
If you are a visitor to the Mount Abu region and you wish to experience some of the local religious culture, you must visit the Gaumukh Temple. Once only popular for Ancient sages and saints to meditate at, the Gaumukh Temple is now a popular tourist destination.
The area is covered with very think forest cover and visiting the place after dark & rainy season is not recommended without proper information and local guidance, you should plan for a full day trip to Gaumukh if you want to enjoy the beauty and nature of this place.

Adhar Devi Temple:

Other attractions include Adhar Devi Temple, which is located 3 km in the north of town. This ancient Durga temple is chiselled out of a huge rock, which is reached by a flight of 365 stairs.
It is one of the most believed holiest grounds for tourists and pilgrims across India. The temple allows panoramic views over the old mountain valley of Mount Abu.

Nakki Lake:

Nakki is a small lake with small islets that can be reached by a boat. The location of the lake, the rich surroundings and amazing landscape views is a regular crowd puller....more on Nakki Lake in Mount Abu

Sunset and Honeymoon Point:

Sunset point 
Sunset Point, 1.5 km from the tourist office of Mount Abu, is the most popular. Hoards stroll out here every evening to catch the setting sun, the food stalls and all the usual entertainment. Is is a one kilometer walk from the road to the viewpoint or you can hire a horse.
Honeymoon Point, 2.5 kms northwest on Ganesh Road, also known as Andra Point, offers an enchanting view of the verdant plains and valleys. The place looks most beautiful during the dusk hours. The route to Honeymoon Point goes past the Nakki Lake.

Guru Shikhar (15 kms):

Routte Guru Shikhar 
The highest peak on the mount (1722 mts. above the sea level) allows a birds eye view of the sylvan surroundings of Mt. Abu.
A small Shaivite shrine and a temple of Dattatreya standing on the shikhar are worth a visit.

Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University and Museum:

The university's stated aim is the establishment of universal peace through the impartation of spiritual knowledge and training of easy raja yoga meditation.
To attend one of these residential courses, contact your local branch and arrange things in advance. There is no charge- the organization is entirely supported by donations, as is the accommodation.


Achalgarh Mount Abu 
Another attraction is Achalgarh in the north of Mount Abu is a cluster of temples, amongst which Achaleswar Mahadev Temple is noteworthy, built around 1412 A.D and the Kantinath Jain Temple, build around 1513 A.D. This alluring complex was build around 14 century by great warrior Rana Kumbha of Mewar.

Trevor's Tank:

Trevors Tank is a picturesque location just 5 kilometers from the main town of Mount Abu, and one of the Mount Abu regions most popular tourist destinations.
It is a nature lovers paradise that is named after the British engineer who built it.Trevor, the British engineer who built it, was dedicated to building a beautiful place for people to enjoy and watch nature.

How To Reach Mount Abu

Fly Away: The nearest airport to Mt Abu is the one at Udaipur. It is about 185 kms far from the place. There are regular and connecting flights that serve to connect Udaipur with the rest of the country.
On Tracks: By train one can avail the services from Abu Road, which is some 25 kms away from the place. The train service connects Mt Abu with many cities and towns of Rajasthan and beyond Rajasthan.
On Wheels: The road network that hooks up the place with the adjacent cities and towns is quite good. Long distance bus services are available. Important stations from which buses are available are Ahmedabad and Jodhpur.

Where To Stay in Mount Abu

Please visit our exclusive section on Hotels in Mount Abu to find the best accommodation in Mount Abu.

Where To Shop in Mount Abu

Marble, sandalwood and sandstone articles can be bought from the shops around Nakki Lake. Kota sarees, bangles and linen with sanganeri prints are also available.
Rajasthali - famous for Rajasthani Handicrafts, Khadi Bhandar - famous for metal, stone, wooden and clothing, Rajasthan Emporium - famous for Rajasthani handicrafts, Nakki Lake - famous for curious in marble, sandalwood and sandstone, Government Emporium - famous for Rajasthan handicrafts like metal, stone and wooden items.