Textile Industry in Rajasthan

Textile is an important industry for Rajasthan, representing over 20 per cent of the investment made in the state. Rajasthan contributes over 7.5 per cent of Indias production of cotton and blended yarn (235,000 tones in 2002-03) and over 5 per cent of fabrics (60 million sq meters).
The key factor responsible for development of textile industry in Rajasthan is availability of cotton and wool in the state. Production of cotton in Rajasthan has, however, declined from over 1.4 million bales in 1996- 97 (approx. 10 per cent of Indias production) to 0.7 million bales 2003-04. Wool production in Rajasthan has grown from 16 million kg in 1992-93 to around 20 million kg, currently representing over 40 per cent of Indias wool production.
Textile Industry
Abundant availability of this key raw material has prompted many textile units to locate in the state. With a network of backward and forward linkage, Rajasthans textile industry offers significant competitive advantage to the industry. Availability of trained labor is another factor contributing to the success of the industry in the state.

Textile Manufacturing Areas in Rajasthan

Bhilwara emerged as India's largest manufacturer of suiting, fabrics and yarn. Its share in the polyester/viscose fabrics (suiting) sector is around 50 per cent in India.
Rajasthan has leading position in spinning of polyester viscose yarn & synthetic suiting and processing, printing & dyeing of low cost, low weight fabric (at Pali, Balotra, Sanganer and Bagru). Besides, Jaipur is also a well-known centre for manufacturing garments primarily for exports.
Sanganer town, district Jaipur (Rajasthan, India), is famous worldwide for its dyeing and printing industries. There are about 400 industries involved in textile printing processes. Some knitting units are in process of setting up their ventures at Neemrana.
Prominent players in the textile industry with presence in Rajasthan include Rajasthan Spinning& Weaving Mills, JK Synthetics, Nahar International and BSL Group.

Type of Textile in Rajasthan

Textile Industry 
  • Hand Block Printing

    Hand block printing is a traditional form of imparting motifs and colour on fabric, mostly cotton. Carved wooden blocks soaked in different colors are pasted on the fabric. It is an eco-friendly form of printing on textiles.Meticulous printing by hand is done using vegetable dyes. Though hand block printing is widely practised all over the state.

    Two villages close to Jaipur, Sanganer and Bagru, are devoted solely to the pursuit. Sanganeri is famous for its delicate floral sprigs, Bagru for its linear and zigzag stripes in earth colors. Barmer, a town located in the heart of the desert, is known for its red indigo geometric ajraks and historic Chittor for its jajam prints.

  • Zari work

    Gota, zardosi, banarsi are made for formal and bridal ensembles, with metallic and threaded embroidery.

  • Quilting

    Another Rajasthani specialty is the quilt. These feather-soft and feather-light quilts are called razais. Though these quilts are available all over the state, it is in Jaipur that they have reached a degree of perfection. Available in beautiful colors with Sanganeri prints, bright tie-dyed materials, marble prints on cotton or in brightly hued velvet, they weigh very little yet are comfortingly warm.