Puppets or Kathputli

The toys made in Bassi are inspired by local; legends. The littlr cosmetic box called Shringardani is traditionally given to a bride on her wedding day and is a toy for children as well. Wooden toys made in Udaipur are very popular. Soft tinted clay toys are made in Merta, in Nagaur district. Toy makers of Jaipur make elephants and horses of stuffed cloth, decorated with tinsel of embroidered cloth. Brilliantly colored birds and animals of papier mache are also a favourite.
Puppets, Kathputli  
The puppets of Rajasthan are particularly charming on account of their exaggerated eyes and lips as well as their colorful dresses. Cloth puppets with stuffed heads and painted expressions, eyebrows, and moustache for men and nose ring for women is another extremely popular craft in the state.
Rajasthani Puppets are string marionettes that originate from the state of Rajasthan in India. These handmade wooden puppets are much more than just plaything or decorative dolls. They are a part of the traditional performance of puppetry narrating an event from history, myths, folklore or legend, complete with music and speech. They are the repository of traditional wisdom, knowledge and social mores. Within them are contained the oral history of the region.
The puppets are controlled by a single string that passes from the top of the puppet over the puppeteers. Characteristic to this form are the shrill voices produced by the lead puppeteer which are spoken through a bamboo reed. The art of Rajasthani puppetry (also called Kathputli) originated a thousand years ago when the Bhat community began to practice this art.

The Rajasthani string puppets are unique in their own ways. These gorgeous and colorful puppets are hand carved using wood and cloth. The head of the puppets are made out of wood and colored according to characters they depict in the episodes.

Dolls and Toys (Copa Dolls)

Toys and dolls in Rajasthan are crafted primarily from wood, clay, stones and other natural and easily available materials. They not only cater to the dreams of a child but they are also associated with religious rituals and festivals. Even today, there are some religious festivals like Janmashtami, which include rituals involving handmade toys and dolls....more on Copa Dolls