Thar Desert Rajasthan

Location and Area

The Thar Desert of Rajasthan is situated partly in India and partly in Pakistan. Bordering the desert on four sides are, Indus plains to the west, Aravalli Range to the southeast, Rann of Kutch to the south, and Punjab plains to the north and northeast.
Also known as the Great Indian Desert, Thar covers an area of approximately 77,000 square miles (200,000 square km).
Thar constitutes one of the five major physical divisions of India, the other being Himalayas, Northern Plains, Central Plateau and the Eastern and Western Coastal Plains. It occupies the western and northwestern parts of the state of Rajasthan. The other states of India into which the Thar Desert stretches are Gujarat, Punjab and Haryana.

Mythology about Thar Desert

The legend related to the origin of Thar Desert is not less interesting. In Ramayana, it is mentioned that when Lord Rama had to cross the ocean with his army to Lanka, the kingdom of the demon-king Ravana who abducted his wife, Devi Sita, he decided to use a fire-weapon and dry up the ocean.
All the living creatures of the ocean were much frightened for their lives and started pleading him not to do so. But as it was impossible to dismount the arrow-weapon, once it was withdrawn, he decided to point it to a distant sea and released it. That sea happened to be in the place, where Thar Desert now exists. Though, it is mythology, the more interesting part is that fossils have been excavated in this region that indicate the existence of marine life here once.

Synopsis of Thar Desert

Thar Desert, Rajasthan  
Thar Desert is scattered with number of hillocks, gravel, salt marshes and some antiquity lakes. The chronicles of Thar Desert is a controversial subject and not much clear in the pages of history.
According to geologists, it to be 4000 to 10,000 years old, whereas the others nearby state, touching the ageless Thar started in this region much earlier. Another theory most interestingly states that the area turned to desert in the recently centuries. Whereas according to legends this desolated and arid land was believed to have been created by the falling of an arrow fired by Rama, hero of the Ramayana.
The arrow was destined for the sea god who inhabited the straits between Indian and Sri Lanka. However, when the Sea God apologised to Rama for opposing his desire to cross the straits, than Rama fired the arrow to the north-west , rendering the whole region as a desolated wasteland. The glorifying soil of Thar has witnessed bloody conflict over the ages, as feudal kings fought both with each other and against external invaders such as the Muslims.

Desert Circuit

Jodhpur, Bikaner, Jaisalmer are much popular cities of imperial Rajasthan. All of them are entangled in such a way that, it form an excellent desert circuit with the beauty of sparkling sand. This beautiful desert circle bestowed with the memorable journey through time and wealth of Rajasthan.

Desert Safari

Safaris are considered the best way to explore Thar Desert. Desert Safari can be divided into two Jeep Safari and Camel Safari.
Jeep Safari is a beautiful way to experience the beauty of Thar Desert. The state is rich in forts and havelis. Desert Jeep Safari is one of the most adventurous and rewarding of all the safaris which you would have undertaken.