Mehdi Hassan - King of Ghazals

Mehdi Hassan was born in the village of Luna in Rajasthan in 1927. He claims to be the 16th generation of hereditary musicians hailing from the Kalawant clan of musicians.
He received his musical training under his father, Ustad Azeem Khan and his uncle Ustad Ismail Khan who were classical musicians, well-versed in the dhrupad style of singing. They instructed him in classical music and voice production within the framework of classical forms of thumri, dhrupad, khayal and dadra, from the young age of eight.

Undisputed Emperor of Ghazals

Mehdi Hassan - King of Ghazals 

His unsurpassed vocal range and his mastery over even the most difficult of raags makes him the undisputed emperor of ghazals. His popularity, appreciation and continued success among masses over five decades makes him on par with Noor Jehan in the league of the greatest Pakistani singers of all time.
The ultimate tribute to his greatness came from Lata Mangeshkar, 'The Music Queen of Indian Cinema' who compared his songs to "Voice of God " .
Mehdi Hassans gayaki incorporates the subtle elements of both Dhrupad and Khayal. He carefully embellishes ghazals by using behlawas, murkhis, taans and zamzamas. Further grace is given by touches of Rajasthani folk singing.
Another important feature of his style is the importance of correct pronunciation, delivery of words are of utmost importance and he never compromises the true expression of a word regardless of the constraints put forward by the musical composition.
Mehdi Hassan also had a passion for Urdu poetry and began to experiment by singing ghazals in a very unique way that was never done in past history. He chose his raagas to define the feelings through notes of each word of poetry.

Ustad Mehdi Hassan Sung Over 54000 Songs and Ghazals

He sang ghazals of all the renowned Urdu poets such as Ghalib, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Qateel Shifayee,Ahmed Faraz, Daagh, Parween Shakir, Farhat Shezad, Mir Taqi Mir,Saleem Kuser, Bahador Shah Zafar. His innovative style was soon appreciated by both masses and discerning audiences.

As per facts, Ustad Mehdi Hassan sung over 54000 Songs, Ghazals and Thumri all combined since 1950-2000.

Awards and Recognitions

He has been the recipient of numerous awards and recognitions: the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz granted to him by Gen Ayub Khan; the Pride of Performance bestowed on him by Gen Ziaul Haq; and the Hilal-i-Imtiaz conferred by Gen Pervez Musharraf.
Besides the Nigar Film and Graduate Awards from Pakistan, he was presented the Saigal Award in Jalandhar, India, in 1979, whereas the Gorkha Dakshan Bahu Award was given to him in Nepal in 1983.

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