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Thewa Jewellery

Rajasthan is called as the shopper's paradise. Rajasthan is famous for handicrafts, semi precious stones, Thewa Jewelry, textiles and much more. The beautiful and eye catching designs of the different types of jewelries, especially the Thewa Jewelry invite and attract many shoppers. Rajasthan is also well known for its beautiful and artistic furnitures with intricate carvings and bright colors. One of the most important features of Rajasthan shopping is that they provide good quality goods at extremely reasonable prices. The Thewa Jewelry in Rajasthan, India is an exceptional collection of jewelries which really stands out from the rest of the different types of jewelries.
Thewa Jewellery, Jaipur  
The Origin Of Thewa dates back in the year 1767 under the patronage of Maharawat Samant Sing of Rajasthan. This vernacular word "Thewa", literally means Setting. Shrouded in complete mystery as to its making the artisans of Thewa follow a patriarchal method of practicing the art for fear of divulging family secrets to their daughters in-laws as a result the legacy is carried from father to son only.
Thewa is a traditional art of fusing 23ct gold with multicolored glass. The process followed is detailed and intricate. Patterned sheet of pure gold is fused onto colored glass to create a unit. Each unit consist of a flat piece of transparent glass, of different colors intentionally suggesting Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire. In the last century Thewa unit makers prepared elaborate settings in gold wire in the Canetille style, so called after a contemporary European style.
To encourage this exquisite and unique art form theGovernment Of India issued a postage stamp in the year 2004 . To add to its laurels the art also won nine National Awards since 1966.
Thewa Jewellery has been appreciated around the world for its fine work. The amount of work , time and skill that goes into hand crafting each marvelous piece of jewellery accounts for a major part of its price.
The themes used in making the Thewa Jewelry many a times depict and portray details from Hindu mythology and Mughal courtly scenes. The themes often include floral patterns, elephants, lions, historical scenes, the Krishna Leela, winged fairies, scenes from the battlefield, portraits of rulers and much more. Unlike other jewelries the actual value or price of a Thewa Jewelry lies in the skill that has gone into making and fashioning the jewelry piece rather than the intrinsic value of gold.
Thewa Jewellery, Jaipur  

Where to Shop Thewa Jewellery in Jaipur

M.I. Road, Johari Bazar, of Jaipur showcases the exclusive creations in Thewa Jewellery and these ornaments are must-buys for the tourists of the state.