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An Introduction Of Jodhpur City

Jodhpur is the second biggest city of Rajasthan. Jodhpur, the capital of the Marwar state, was founded in 1459 A.D. by Rao Jodha.The district Jodhpur is spread lengthwise 197 km north-south and breadthwise for 208 km east-west.   ....More

Rajasthan Jaipur And Tigers

Rajasthan Jaipur And Tigers 
Travel to Rajasthan had never really been something I'd thought about when considering trips in India. Places like Goa, Taj Mahal and the various temple have been what came to mind. During my trip in 2001 I was quite attracted to the southern temple architecture. However this time we were starting from New Delhi and my partner had a wish to see Tigers.   ....More

Walks In India: Khuri Village, Rajasthan

Khuri Village is approximately 40kms from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. The village is surrounded by sand-dunes, and has a few basic home-stays. Begin the walk from Khuri village. Walk along the small mud-houses, seeing life in the village. Along the untarred road, you can see men squatting in front of the house chattering, children playing, a few camel being tended by their owners and cows lazing, while the women work in the house. Talk to the villagers - they are friendly and open - and get to know more about their lives.   ....More

Jaisalmer - The City Of Palaces In The Heart Of Thar Desert

Jaisalmer looks like a golden mirage rising from the heart of the Thar desert.the fort has been carved out of yellow sandstone. The city has a mythological significance. According to which, Lord Krishna the head of the Yadav Clan, forcasted Arjuna that a remote descendent of the Yadav Clan would built his kingdom at the top of the Trikuta Hill. His prophecy was fulfilled in 1156 A.D.   ....More

Lions And Tigers And Bears - Oh My!

These famous lines from the Wizard of Oz have been mocked by many who like to point out that lions are native to Africa, whereas tigers are found in Asia - not too fast nature lovers. India is the only country left in the world where both tigers and lions roam the wilds (not to mention bears as the title of the post points out.)   ....More

My Last Few Days In Jaipur

My last few days in Jaipur I saw some amazing forts and palaces, Including the Amber Fort, Jaighar, and the City Palace, home to the Maharaja of Jaipur. The ancient walls and forts are the highlight of Jaipur....the city is loud and chaotic and extremely touristy (even though I was one of the only ones). Prices are inflated and the city has lost much of its alleged charm.   ....More

Colorful Villages Of Rajasthan

Colorful Villages Of Rajasthan 
Rajasthan is the geographically largest state in northwestern India. It borders Pakistan to the west, Gujarat to the southwest, Madhya Pradesh to the southeast, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana to the northeast and Punjab to the north.   ....More

Rajput Rule Of India

Rajputs (Rajaputra) are a sub-group of hindu Kshatriya varna. They have a hindu Jati (an endogamous group within the Hindu social system). Rajputs are literally sons-of-kings. They are divided into 36 major clans, names of which are recorded in several texts including the Kumarpala Charita of Jayasimha, and Prithviraj Raso of Chandbardai.   ....More