Mining Industry in Rajasthan

Mining sector in Rajasthan is another pre-eminent sector next to Agriculture. There are about 42 major and 28 minor minerals. This sector provides employment to about two million mine workers throughout the state.
The huge sandy expanse of Rajasthan abounds in silver, phosphate fluoride, phosphorite, rock, phosphate, copper ore, zinc, gypsum, clay, granite, marble, sandstone, dolomite, calcite, emeralds and garnets.
It is the second largest mineral producing state in India and houses about 90% of the total mineral reserves of the country. It shares 24% of the aggregate national production of non-metallic minerals. The following table shows the share of Rajasthan in terms of reserve and production of the principal minerals-
Minerals Reserve(million tones) Production (million tones)
Copper Ore 35 0.98
Lead and Zinc Ore 75 2.64
Gypsum 70 2.86
Limestone 1990 21.19
Rock Phosphate 60 118
In India, Rajasthan is the greatest producer of non-ferric metals such as copper and zinc and accounts for 40% of the countrys copper production and 100% of zinc production. The state also accounts for 85% of lead production, 94% of gypsum, 76% of silver ore, 68% of feldspar, 84% of asbestos and 12% mica.
Mining Industry  
Thus the mineral and mining sector of Rajasthan is a very important revenue earner for the state. From this sector Rajasthan earns as mineral royalty an annual income of more than US$ 100 Million.

Mining Areas and Estates

There are large copper mines at Khetri and zinc mines at Dariba. Makrana near Jodhpur is site where white marble is mined.
Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals limited (RSMML) is one of the significant Government undertaking of Rajasthan that is involved in the mining and marketing of non metallic minerals such as Limestone, Rock Phosphate, Lignite and Gypsum.
The limestone reserve of Sanu Limestone Unit in Jaislamer is best suited for Steel Industry owing to its low silica deposit and high decrepitating element. Sanu Limestone Unit is the biggest producer and supplier of steel grade limestone in India. This region houses about 167 million tonnes of S.M.S grade limestone and 2153 million tonnes of cement grade limestone.
Key Players
  • Hindustan Zinc Limited
  • Hindustan Copper Limited