Samode Palace, Jaipur

The fort is an old fortified residence of the Nathawat clan from Chomu that served as the Prime Ministers of the Jaipur Royal Court. It is located some 40km North West of Jaipur and 264 km from Delhi in the range of Aravali.
Samode Palace, Jaipur 
This magnificent fort is as charming and romantic in itself, and exhibits grandeur, good taste, class and elegance. The way to the fort's main entrance is through the inside of the village, which can be covered from the highway by a camel safari, with the locals welcoming the guests with smiles and thrilling expressions.
The beautiful Samode Palace has been rebuilt and renovated providing a fine example of the Rajput haveli architecture. The highlight of the building is the exquisite Diwan-i-Khas, covered with original paintings and mirror work.
The inside of the fort reflects expressions of the medieval architecture that is renovated a bit for the oriental formality. The open courtyards in the centre has separate wings on the sides that extends to 43 spacious rooms & suites having private balconies and views. The walls are in warm colours to highlight the intricate marble work, the antiques and the colourful art with traditional artefacts.
The Durbar hall of Samode Palace is one of the most beautifully painted chambers with glass & minakari work and the same goes for the private restricted spaces- meant for the "zannanis", women of the family. The rooms, which have internal pillars & arches, are furnished with traditional Rajasthani style chairs & beds, with mosquito net canopies.
Though the rooms are not regal, they are clean & comfortable. There are no telephones & no televisions. The hotel also runs the Samode Bagh luxury tents encampment in the Fatehpura village.
The palace became known for the high quality of its frescos, and particularly in the use of indigo colours. It is only recently that the fairytale palace was reconverted into a hotel. Samode is famous for its Samode Palace and Samode Bagh (Garden). It is an ideal spot for outings.