Ana Sagar Lake, Ajmer

Ajmer is located 80 miles (130 km) west of Jaipur, in a picturesque valley surrounded by the hills of the Aravalli range. Ajmer was established in the early seventh century by Ajaipal Chauhan. He named the place Ajaimeru, the invincible hill, because here he built Indias first hill fort, Taragarh.
Ana Sagar Lake, Ajmer  
Ajmer was a Chauhan stronghold till 1194. The only remains of their times are the fort and the beautiful Anasagar Lake, built in 1150 by Anaji.
A little over a mile from the tourist bungalow, past Subhash Bagh, is the tranquil Anasagar Lake, situated between hillocks. It is almost eight miles 8 miles (13 km) in circumference and its beauty is enhanced by shah Jahans white marble embankment and palilions.
Ana Sagar is an artificial lake that was created in the 12th century by damming the river Luni, it has marble pavilions at the Daulat Bagh that was created by Emperor Shah Jehan and overlooks the lake. If there is enough water in the lake youll also find paddle boats.
There is an island in the center of the lake which is accessible by boats or water scooter. Boats and water scooters could be hired from the east side of the Dault Bagh. It is a famous place for evening stroll.
The temple of Khobra Behroon on the south bank of Ana Sagar offers a panoramic view of the lake and Dault Bagh. The temples name is derived from the word khobra, which means `mischievous, and according to tradition a newly wed couple must pay their respects to the temple or else married life can be full of unforeseen complications!

Visiting Hourse : 1000 - 1630 (Saturday-Thursday).