Kaila Devi Temple, Kaurali

Legend has it that the ruling family of Karauli are descendants of Lord Krishna. They are considerd head of the Yaduvanshi Rajputs; their family history is rich with tales of valour and glory. Raja Gopal Das of Karauli ruled from 1533 to 1569.
Kaila Devi Temple, Kaurali  
Karauli, a holy city 160 km from Jaipur and 103 km from Sawai Madhopur, was founded in 1348. It is also the venue for the famous Kaila Devi fair. The Pale red sandstone of Karauli is well kown.
Kaila devi temple is a Hindu temple situated 23 km from Karauli in Rajasthan state in India. The temple is located on the banks of the Kalisil river in the hills of Trikut, 2 km. to the north-west of Kaila village.
It is believed that the temple came into existence around 1100 A.D. This temple is of Shri Kaila Devi ji which is reigning diety of millions of people of eastern Rajasthan, M.P. and U.P. Around 60 lacs pilgrims flock to this place every year. This temple is regarded as one of the 9 Shakti peeths of goddess Durga.
It is a marble structure with a large courtyard of a checkered floor. In one place are a number of red flags planted by devotees. The inner sanctum is enshrined with a four faced white marble image of Lord Adinath or Rishabhdev, surrounded by several other smaller shrines and domes.

Kaila Devi fair, Kaurali

The annual fair of Kaila Devi, (Mahalakshmi or the goddess of wealth), is held at the village Kaila in the month of Chaitra (Mar-Apr) lasting for a fortnight.
Another attraction is the small temple dedicated to Bhairon, situated in the courtyard and facing the shrine of Kaila Devi is a temple of Hanuman locally called 'Languriya'.
Approximately 2 lakh devotees gather during the fair. A real sea of humanity engulfs the surrounding area for around 15 days. Such a large assemblage of devotees requires tremendous efforts for provision and maintenance of basic civic amenities and services. The Govt. Deploys a whole array of officers and staff from various Govt deptt. for proper management of Chaitra fair.

The ritual of Kanak-Dandotis is observed by staunch devotees. They cover a distance of 15 to 20 Kms to reach the temple, not on foot but by lying prostrate, making lines with their hands in that position, advancing up to the line drawn and repeating this procedure till they reach the temple.