Galta Ji, Jaipur

Galtaji is a holy pilgrimage of India, located 10 kms away from Jaipur in Rajasthan. Situated along side a natural spring, this temple stands on a ridge and provides a breathtaking view of the city. It is a temple dedicated to the Sun God, the only one of its kind in this area.
The Temple of the Sun God built by Diwan Kriparam is the most important shrine of Galtaji. It was one of the principal seats of the Ramanand sect of Vaishanavites and is also associated with sage Galavai, who is believed to have performed penance here. The outstanding structure of the Temple looks more like a mansion or Haveli.
Galta Ji, Jaipur
Galta is a pretty little pilgrim spot located just beyond Sisodia Rani-ka Bagh on Agra Road. This is the sacred spot where one sage Galav is supposed to have lived and meditated. As such the place is much known for its pilgrimage holidays and is visited mainly for its temples.
The Temple of Galtaji, which lies in a picturesque gorge amid low hills, has a huge complex. This one is also built of pink stone, with a profusion of pavilions having rounded roofs. The walls and pillars have exquisite carvings and paintings.
The whole complex is so beautiful that it is more of a visual treat than a place for worship. The temple, however, has a large daily attendance.
There are also some springs and natural reservoirs (kunds) around the Galta Temple, where the devout take holy dips. They believe that by doing so, they can cleanse themselves of their worldly sins! Even in the cold of mid-January.
Out of all other temples, Hanuman temple stands out, being surrounded by hundreds of monkeys. Besides all other attractions, Natural water springs draw special attention of the visitors.
The water of these springs is accumulated in the tanks or 'kunds'. In all, there are seven tanks, holiest being the Galta Kund, which never goes dry. It is considered auspicious to take bath in the holy waters of Galtaji. Thousands of people come every year to take a dip in the tanks to rinse out their sins. Makar Sankranti is regarded as a special day to take bath in the holy waters of Galtaji.

Galtaji Temple is a prehistoric pilgrimage location, in a lush green landscape of nature. The location of temple is such that it provides awe-inspiring views of the surrounding plains. The Galtaji Temple is a souvenir of the former age and a sacred pilgrimage of the Hindus.