Salim Singh ki Haveli, Jaisalmer

As you walk past the tuskers guarding the gateways you would be walking in to a haveli that made the residence of the Mohata family, the ministers of Jaisalmer rulers.
Salim Singh ki Haveli, Jaisalmer  
The haveli is located towards the eastern end of the city. This magnificent building has a rich blue roof and carved brackets designed in peacock shapes. The haveli is built with yellow stone and its exteriors are delicately carved. There is a balcony projecting from the top storey. The haveli was built by the erstwhile Prime Minister of Jaisalmer - Salim Singh.
Salim Singh Ki Haveli is a palatial structure built during the glorious period of Jaisalmer by wealthy merchants and today attracts a lions share of tourist visiting the village. Exhibiting the same famous characteristics for which Jaisalmer mansions are famous for like the extensive carvings, beautiful canopy and splendid frescos, Salim Singh Ki Haveli is a must visit for anyone touring Jaisalmer.
The first owner of Salim Singh Haveli was Jain diwan Salim Singh Mohta- a follower of Machiavelli's principles owing to which he earned much reviles. The Haveli was named after him and although the mansion offers one breathtaking view after another, its most impressive feature is the pavilions that seem to be floating on top of the building.
The sandstone Salim Singh ki Haveli adorned with as many as 38 balconies each in a distinctive design. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the beautiful blue cupola roof has been constructed in the form of Peacock. A black and white photograph of a man scowling back from under his turban exists above the balcony, creating such illusion that looks life floating until meeting your eyes.

Thus, the Haveli has incorporated the best of both styles of design. The monument also serves as a reminder of the harmony that existed between different religious sects during the ancient times.