Dal Bati Churma - Best Known Rajasthani Food

Dal Bati Choorma is a Rajasthani Dish which has three main servings - Dal(lentil), Bati (baked wheat balls) and Choorma (sweet cereal powder). Dal is served with Bati and Churma.
The preparations take longer as compared to other Indian dishes as all the three servings are prepared separately.
Dal Bati Churma 
It is one of the most common preparation in all kinds of functions, including religious occasions, wedding ceremonies and birthday parties in Rajasthan. One of the reasons for this, apart from being delicious is that it is easy to cook even for a large group of people.
Dal Bati Churma is usually served either during the lunch time or dinner time. The more ghee you use in this recipe, the better it tastes. The city of Jodhpur, Jaipur and Jaisalmer are famous for this Rajasthani dish.

Different Variations of Dal-Bati-Churma

Best known as a Rajasthan specialty, Dal-batti-churma is an awesome Rajasthani food.
Bhatti comes in varieties acts as a substitute for rotis. You can opt for plain batti, or try the more exotic masala, dry fruit or missi battis. Batti is made out of wheat, flour, millet or a mix of maize and wheat flour, with loads of ghee.
There is also an unending variety in churma the colour of which depends on the ingredients and comes in an astonishing variety several of which could be served together- the bread with which it was made again consisting of wheat or maize or millet and combined with desiccated coconut, khoya, or even raisins and dry fruits.