Leather ware industry in the state of Rajasthan employs both men and women. The shoes and sandals are cut and stitched by the men who also undertake tanning of the leather, while the women take on the embroidery and decoration aspect of these.
The decoration of the footwear is done with sequin, beads, golden and colored thread. Tilonia village near Ajmer is known for the graphic patterns made on the indigenous leather products.
Pick up leather shoes, sandals, water bags, fans, pouches, saddles and even musical instruments. Jaipur and Jodhpur are traditionally known for their foorwear.
The Gesso Work of Rajasthan is world famous. Bikaner is the hub of Gesso work in the state and a fine sample of such treated camel leather decorations is displayed in the palace of the city. The camel-hide water casks of Bikaner, called Kopi, are probably the most commonly used gesso products.

Jutti (Mojari)

Rajasthan is home not only to the handicrafts of stone or the metal but its also equally well known for the flourishing art in leather and other goods. So many beautiful things are prepared from leather and its byproducts. Among several wonderful articles which are produced in leather, Mojadi or Jutti the most popular one.
This product is a famous footwear of Rajasthan and widely known for their ethnicity and unique designs. In this product, leather is embroidered punched, studded and stitched in various eye-catching....more on Jutti (Mojari)


Among other products of leather, Kupi is also very famous which is a bottle made of camel hide to keep oil or attar (perfume). Bikaner is a famous place for Kupis. ...more on Kupi, Bikaner