Nagaur Fair, Nagaur

A delightful gathering of men and beasts, brisk trading and keen competitions, in a little town of lovable traditions.
Nagaur Fair, Nagaur  
The quaint town of Nagaur, one of the most picturesque of Rajput townships. Cordoned in by massive ramparts, royal apartments, palatial houses and temples, it has to be entered through towering gates.
There are lots of attractions that charm tourists from the world over in Rajasthan, Nagaur Cattle fair is one of them. This cattle fair is the second largest in Rajasthan and held every year during the Hindu month of Magh (Jan.-Feb.).
The fair is renowned for the trading of cows, bullocks, oxen, camels and horses which takes place here. Their owners are seen wearing colorful turbans and flaunting long moustaches. The bulls of Nagaur are renowned for their fleet-footedness and attract a large number of buyers. Both the owners and buyers bargain to their hearts desire until they decide upon a price.
Nagaur Fair, Nagaur  
Shopping and recreation is also a striking feature of this colorful fair. Mirchi Bazaar (Indias largest red chilly market) adds zing to the whole event.
Wooden items, iron craft and leather accessories are available in abundance during the fair. Various games are organised during this four day festival. Tug-of-war, camel races and cock & bull-fights provide entertainment to the tourists and locals after a hectic day of trading.
As the last rays of the setting sub bid adieu to the day, a joyous atmosphere is created by the folk musicians whose voices echo far & wide across the tranquil desert sands.

The Rajasthan Tourist Development Corporation (RTDC) puts up a Tourist village during the Nagaur Fair. Lodging and boarding facilities are provided in deluxe tents and huts. The Tourist Village is self-sufficient and is especially designed to complement the natural beauty of the site.