The lehriya is a pattern in which an entire piece of cloth is dyed in different colours in the form of horizontal lines. Udaipurs lehriya work is well known.
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Leheriya Style & Leheriya Salwar Kameez is one of the most popular type of saree and salwar kameez, which literally means waves of the sea and shimmers before you as enchantingly as the rippling waters of an ocean in bands of two, five or seven colors.
Leheria product are made for summer season. Rajasthan produces a huge variety of colorful leheriya salwar kameez, from geometrical patterns, flowers and creepers to animals, birds, kites and dolls in colors deliberately contrasted with the background color. The lehriya is an entire line of cloth is dyed in different colors.
Leheria and Teez Festival : Teej festival is celebrated during the arrival of rainy season, every year in the Hindu Month of Shravan (August). During the festival, the ladies decorate their hands and feet with Mehndi. Special Mehndi motifs called laheria. You can find this festival in the places like Lucknow and Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. This festival is dedicated to the Goddess Parvati. The tradition is that females both girls and women adorn themselves in colourful leheriya kurta and dupatta, sarees or costumes, Samdar Lehar, Phagun are the designs to be worn during this day. Moreover leherya clothes are very comfortable for spring season and of course women prefer colourful leherya sarees, salwar kameez because these saris are very nice in looks feels an colors.
Textile and fabric coloring and dying can be seen at length in the communities of Leelgarhs and Rangrez. The Chunari and Bandhej ( the art of tying a small point on the cloth by threads and later dyed with the required colours. After drying when opened, there is a small circle in the white splashed around the fabric) is known as tie and dye. Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bikaner are famous for this. In addition, the art of embellished fabrics with embroidery using thread - work, mirror work or gold brocade is prevalent.
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Bapu Bazaar in Udaipur is famous for Rajasthani textiles and Clock Tower is famous for block printed items and popular Lehria saris. You can shop for famous Lehria sarees from these markets at reginable rate.