• Best Time To Visit Bhilwara
  • September February
  • Distance From Major Cities To Bhilwara
  • Jaipur-254 kms.
  • Delhi-215 kms.
  • Ahmedabad-371 kms.
  • Mumbai-922 kms.
  • Weather in Bhilwara
  • Summer 45C (Max) - 28C (Min)
  • Winter 20C (Max) - 4C (Min)
  • Rainy Season July to Mid Sept, and very humid (up to 90%)

Bhilwara - A Textile City of Rajasthan

About Bhilwara

Bhilwara, also known as 'Textile City of India', is a famous industrial town in Rajasthan. Located in the western part of Rajasthan, Bhilwara is well connected with all major cities in India
Bhilwara emerged as India's largest manufacturer of suitings, fabrics and yarn. Its share in the polyester/viscose fabrics (suiting) sector is around 50 per cent in India.
Bhilwara city had the birth of the textile industry way back in 1961 when LN Jhunjhunwala set up his first unit to manufacture synthetic yarn. The unit is known as Bhilwara Spinners Ltd. Today Bhilwara is a prominent and leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of world-class Suitings, Flock Fabrics and Yarn.
The city has a quaint story of origin, carefully preserved by the locals. It is said to have come up in the middle of the 11th century when a Bhil tribal, supposedly one of the first settlers, built a Shiva temple on the site of the existing Jataun ka Mandir. This is in the area called Junawas, the oldest part of the town. And if we are to believe this, the town is more than 900 years old.

Tourist Attractions in Bhilwara


Bijolia, Bhilwara  
50 kms on the Bundi-Chittaurgarh road, in Bhilwara district, is the old fort and city of Bijolia. In ancient times it was known as Vindhyavali. During Chauhan period, it became a famous centre for art and architecture.
On the eastern side of the town near the city wall, there are three beautiful temples. Prominent amongst them is Hajaresvara Mahadeva temple. It has a high linga surrounded by hundreds of small lingas and hence called Hajaresvara or Sahastralinga. The temples of Mahakala and Baijanath are also well known.


Menal Waterfall,Bhilwara

It is located on the Bhilwara-Kota road, 80 kms away from Bhilwara. It has beautiful waterfall, where water fall to a depth of 150 feet in a v-shaped valley with great force.
During the rainy season, sound of the waterfall can be heard from a long distance. The best time to visit this place is July to October, when Menali River flows & meets at Triveni with Banas & Badech.


Shahpura is situated at a distance of 55 km on Jahajpur - Devli Road. Shahpura is famous for the contribution made by the Barhat family for the freedom struggle of India and as the prime center of International Ramsnehi Sampraday.
Shahpura is also famous for its 700 year old Far Painting. The painters of this region have won several national prizes.



A detour between Menal and Bijolia takes you to Mandalgarh, which is the third fort of Mewar built by Rana Kumbha. Located at a distance of 52 km in Mandalgarh, from Bhilwara, this is a fort which is 1 km long and at a height of 1850 feet above sea level. Naturally this fort was much secured. At this place there are number of temple of God & Goddesses to visit.


40 kms away from the Bhilwara city on Kota Road, Bards, Menali's and Badachh river meets, it's popularly known at Triveni Chauraha. On its coast line there is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva which remains submerged in water during rainy season.
On the occasion of Poornima, Amawas, Kartik & Magh month people from distant places come to take a dip in this holy water. During Shivratri, a huge Mela is organized here. People also come to flow the after remains of their dear ones in this holy water.

Badnore Fort:

It is a seven storied fort that lies 70 km from Bhilwara, on the Bhilwara-Asind Road. One of the prime attractions of Bhilwara, Badnore Fort is one of the most beautiful Forts and Palaces in Rajasthan.
Badnore, earlier known as Vardhanpur, is a quaint little village located in the Bhilwara District of Rajasthan.
Badnore Fort is an excellent example of medieval Indian military style of architecture. This seven storied fort stands atop a hill and presents breathtaking views all around. There are many small monuments and temples within the precincts of Badnore Fort and around it.
The buildings within Badnore Fort Bhilwara are all built in traditional Rajputana style of architecture, which is a local variation of the extensive Hindu style of architecture.

Mejha Dam:

Situated at distance of 17 kms from Bhilwara it is the main Tourist Spot and water reservoir for the Bhilwara Residents. Its capacity is 30 feet. During the rainy season, the surrounding is a site to behold here.
A rest house of Irrigation Deptt., swimming pool, swings for the children & toy train are there. Complete facilities for picnic and party are present here.

How To Reach Bhilwara

Fly Away: Nearest Airport are at Dabok,Udaipur which is about 160 km. and Sangner(Jaipur) which is 260 Km. away from Bhilwara.
On Tracks: It is Located on Jaipur Mumbai Broadguage and direct connet with Jaipur, ajmer, Mumbai and Delhi.
On Wheels: Bhilwara is situated on National Highway No. 4. Direct buses are available from Delhi, Jaipur, Ajmer, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Jodhpur, Kota, Ahmedabad etc.

Where To Stay in Bhilwara

Please visit our exclusive section on Hotels in Bhilwara to find the best accommodation in Bhilwara.

Where To Shop in Bhilwara

Shopping places in Bhilwara, Rajasthan are known for a number of items. Some of the famous shopping items of Bhilwara are Jewelry (of precious and semi-precious stones), Antiques, Marble carvings, Brass work, Jaipur textiles (especially bandhej/tie and dye print)