Lodurva, Jaisalmer

Lodurva is situtated 16 kms from Northwest of Jaisalmer. It is an important spot of the Jain community with some magnificent Jain temple.
Lodurva, the ancient capital of Bhatti Rajputs was once a flourishing city but lost most of the splendour when the Bhattis shifted their capital to Jaisalmer. The Jain Temples, rebuilt in the late 1970s, are the only reminders of the city's former magnificence.
Lodurva, Jaisalmer  
Nevertheless, the place is a major tourist attraction and has Jain temples made of bright yellow sandstone, these temple walls are decorated with the pictures of Lord Parshvanath, the 23rd Jain Tirthankar. You will notice the splendid and dominating arch in the main temple building. These arches are typical of the Delwara style of temple architecture.
Toran' or the ornate arches at the main entrance and splendid carvings are noteworthy. A 'Kalptaru' or a divine tree within is the main attraction of the temple.
The imposing and fabulous arch is famed for its phenomenon and superbly executed jali craft on the screens and walls inside the temple premises. On your visit to Jaisalmer, you cant remain without admiring the intricately imprinted yellow sandstone in the temples and miracle of the artistic beauty visible on these ancient monuments.

Also to be found here are ruins of the ancient township. From Jaisalmer it is possible to get an insight into desert life by visiting SAM. Here camel rides on the sand dunes are an unforgettable experience as are the sunset. It was the Lodurva Fort that Rawal Rawal Jaisal abandoned and shifted to his new capital. Ruins of the ancient township can also be seen here.