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The Piramal Haveli, Shekhawati

Shekhawati is a tourist's paradise. The land of the Shekha is laced with innumerable beautiful havelis or grand mansions, that is guaranteed to capture one's imagination. It is a heaven for a true connoisseur of art and architecture. A riot of colors encapsulates the spirit of this vibrant landscape. Exquisitely embellished havelis mushroomed during the eighteenth century and former half of the twentieth.
The Piramal Haveli, Shekhawati  
Piramal Haveli was the home of Seth Piramal Chaturbhuj Makharia (1892-1958) whose fortune was made in Bombay, trading in cotton, opium, silver and other commodities. Built in the Rajasthani-colonial style, The Piramal Haveli is an 8-room non-hotel.
Built in the 1920s, Piramal Haveli in Shekhawati is known for its traditional courtyards, Pillared walls, corridors and designs. Come have a peep inside the bygone era with a stay at Piramal Haveli in Shekhawati. Comfort and elegance can be best experienced at Piramal Haveli in Shekhawati.
Splendid frescoes and paintings are Shekhawati regions famous characteristic and here too, flying angels and gods in motor cars adorn the Haveli walls.

The location of The Piramal Haveli Hotel lies in Shekhawati, a historical region in the northeast part of Rajasthan state of India. This 3-star property is situated in Bagar village of Jhunjhunu town of Shekhawati. A distance of about 190 km is covered while accessing it from the nearest airport in Jaipur. At the same time, it is also reachable from the nearest railway station in Jhunjhunu at a 15 km distance.