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Six Time MP Rasa Singh Rawat will contest against Gopal Singh for Rajsamand Lok Sabha Seat

Six Time MP Rasa Singh Rawat as BJP Candidate for Rajsamand Seat

Six Time MP Rasa Singh Rawat as BJP Candidate for Rajsamand Seat

BJP Candidate Rasa Singh Rawat will contest the 2009 Lok Sabha Elections  from the Rajsamand Parliamentary Constituency.

Rasa Singh Rawat – Six-time MP and Arya Samaj leader

Rasa Singh Rawat was born on 17 April 1947 and has done B.Ed, LLB and Post Graduatation in Hindi & Sanskrit.

Mr Rawat has served as Member of Parliament for six times. He’s also a prominent Arya Samaj leader. He was a sitting MP in Ajmer, but after delimitation of seats in this elections, he’s moved to Rajsamand.

Gopal Singh - Congress Candidate for Rajsamand Seat

Gopal Singh - Congress Candidate for Rajsamand Seat

The Congress has made it easy for him by fielding Gopal Singh Idwa, instead of Girija Vyas as it was once rumoured. Mr. Rawat will consider it simple to secure a victory for himself.

Rajsamand Parliamentary Constituency-  Combination of Ajmer and Udaipur

Rajsamand seat is formed by combining pieces of Ajmer and Udaipur. This seat doesn’t have any history of elections.

Northern Udaipur and Southern Ajmer (former Lok Sabha areas) were combined here to create the seat and  caste equations have changed in both the constituencies, with Rajsamand having a huge number of voters belonging to the Rawat community.

Of the eight assembly segments here, the BJP holds six, the Congress one and an independent one. The BJP vote is about 65,000 more than the Congress vote.

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Jitendra Singh – Congress Candidate From Alwar Lok Sabha Seat

Jitendra Singh - Congress Candidate for Alwar Lok Sabha Seat

Jitendra Singh - Congress Candidate for Alwar Lok Sabha Seat

Jitendra Singh, a two-time MLA, is the Congress Candidate for Alwar Lok Sabha Seat.

Jitendra Singh will contest against BJP’s Kiran Yadav

Jitendra will face a tough time against BJP’s Kiran Yadav. Mr Singh had initially pulled out from the contest citing bad health but did a flip-flop to fight this fierce battle.

He has a strong hold over the land of King Bhartrihari, a religious place in Alwar, and is likely to have an advantage after the withdrawal of BSP’s Haji Mohammed.

Jitendra Singh – Yuvaraja of Alwar

Jitendra Pratap Singh was born on 12 June 1971 in Alwar, Rajasthan to  Shri Pratap Singh of Alwar & Mahendra Kumari. He is the grandson of Tej Singh, the former ruler of Alwar.

In 1976, Jitendra Singh’s father was mysteriously killed while under siege from government tax inspectors during the Indian Emergency, thus leaving Jitendra Singh as the Yuvaraja or heir apparent, to the Alwar throne.

Educational Profile

He was educated first at Wynberg Allen School, Mussoorie and then at the Doon School in Dehra Dun, and received a B.Com. from Mayo College Ajmer, Rajasthan. He then pursued higher studies at the University of Birmingham in Birmingham, UK, and returned to India afterwards.

Alwar Parliamentary Constituency

An old royal state in the north-east of Rajasthan, this constituency will witness a straight battle between the Congress and the BJP.

In the last four Lok Sabha elections, the Congress has won thrice here, while the BJP has won once. However, Alwar has a reputation for narrow victory margins, and this time promises to be no different either.

Both Congress and the BJP have replaced all their usual candidates, viz, Jaswant Singh Yadav, and Smt. Mahendra Kumari.

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BJP Candidate Subhash Maharia Against Congress Mahadev Khandela and CPM Amraram for Sikar Parliamentary Constituency

BJP Candidate Subash Maharia for Sikar Lok Sabha Seat - General Elections 2009

BJP Candidate Subash Maharia for Sikar Lok Sabha Seat - General Elections 2009

Subhash Maharia will contest the  2009 Lok Sabha Elections as the  BJP candidate from the Sikar Parliamentary Constituency. He  will contest against Mahadev Khandela of Congress party and Amraram who belongs to CPM.

Subash’s Profile

Subhash is a former union minister of state in rural development in Government of India and was a member of 12th, 13th and 14th Lok Sabha from Sikar in Rajasthan.

He was born on 29 September 1957 in village Kudan in the Sikar District, Rajasthan in the family of Brijmohan Maharia, a Hindu Jat of Maharia gotra. He graduated from S.K. College in Sikar. He is an athlete and represented his state and university in many competitions. He married Sushma Maharia on 12 December 1980. They have a son and a daughter.

Sikar Lok Sabha Elections – Some facts

Amraram - Congress Candidate for Sikar Lok Sabha Seat - General Elections 2009

Amraram - MCP Candidate for Sikar Lok Sabha Seat - General Elections 2009

Sikar is known as ‘The heartland of the Jats’. This constituency usually features Jat strongmen fighting each other from different parties. This time is no different either. However, the picture has been compounded here with the Meena and the Gujjar vote.

BJP has been winning this seat continuously from last three elections. The last time the Congress won this seat was in 1996.

The State Assembly Elections in December showed some curious things in this constituency. Of the eight constituencies, the Congress won five, the CPM two, and the BJP one. The Congress vote was well above the BJP vote in the region.

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Ijayraj Singh for Kota Lok Sabha Seat – The Richest of All Election Candidates in Rajasthan

Congressman Ijayraj Singh - Richest of All Election Candidates in Rajasthan

Congressman Ijayraj Singh - Richest of All Election Candidates in Rajasthan

Ijayraj Singh will contest the  2009 Lok Sabha elections as the  Congress candidate from the Kota Parliamentary Constituency.

The Kota Lok Sabha seat is currently represented by the BJP. They have fielded Shyam Sharma against Ijyeraj Singh.

BJP has been winning in Kota since 1989 barring the 1998 election.

Ijayraj Singh – Prince of Kota Royal Family

44 year old Ijyeraj Singh is son of the former ruler Brij Raj Singh. He has a MBA degree from Columbia University, which he has earned with distinction. He has a four-year work experience in UK and Delhi and now manages his sprawling estate.

Richest Candidate from Rajasthan

Ijayraj Singh has emerged as the richest royal in the poll fray in the state. In the affidavit accompanying his nomination, Ijayraj has declared  assets worth Rs 18 crore. Next on the list of royals is Chandresh Kumari, with net assets of Rs 13.3 crore.

An Interesting Battle between Ijayraj Singh and Shyam Sharma

Election mood in Kota is very vibrant. It’s a place which enjoys every bit of electioneering. You would find so many hoardings, catchy slogans and raging debates on poll issues.

BJP Kota Candidate Shyam Sharma

BJP Kota Candidate Shyam Sharma

The BJP candidate Shyam Sharma, a former engineer with the PWD, who runs a charitable hospital in Kota is trying to impress voters with his image of easy accessibility and grass root worker.

Ijayraj Singh has a good reputation among the voters. During his election campaign  in rural areas, his charisma played a powerful role in wooing the voters. Besides this, his neat and clean image is also playing a vital role.

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Congress Candidate Ratan Singh to Fight against Padam Singh, Mohar Singh and Khemchand Koli from Bharatpur

Congress Candidate Ratan Singh for Bharatpur Lok Sabha seat

Congress Candidate Ratan Singh for Bharatpur Lok Sabha seat

Congress candidate Ratan Singh will contest the  2009 Lok Sabha elections from the Bharatpur Parliamentary Constituency.

Ratan Singh (Born in village Sundrawali, Bharatpur) has done B.E. in Mechanical from M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur. He worked as Additional Chief Engineer in the PHED in water works. After retirement, he has recently plunged into politics.

He will be contesting against BSP’s Mohar Singh, a former central government officer, Dr Padam Singh of the SP who has served as an additional director of the Indian Council for Medical Research and BJP’s Khemchand Koli.

Bharatpur Parliamentary Constituency

Bharatpur has always bucked the general trend.  There is a Congress government in the state  but there are six BJP MLAs from here.

Of the previous four Lok Sabha elections, the BJP had won here thrice and the Congress once. In the Bayana seat, however, the BJP has been winning continuously from 1989.

In the last Legislative Assembly, the BJP has seven of the eight segments, and the Congress has one. The BJP vote is comfortably above the Congress vote.

There are about 23% SC voters, 10,000 ST votes, a sizable Meo populace in constituencies like Meev, Nagar and about half of Deeg, about 50,000 Kolis and some Gujjars.

There is also a likely possibility of BSP upsetting all possible equations as Bharatpur shares a border with Uttar Pradesh.

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Facts about Candidates and Constituencies for 2009 Lok Sabha Elections in Rajasthan

Polling  for the 15th Lok Sabha Elections are scheduled to held in Rajasthan in a single phase on 7th May 2009. The counting of ballots would be done on May 16 to declare the results.

346 candidates are in the race  for the 25 Lok Sabha seats in Rajasthan

Facts on Candidates and Constituencies - 2009 Lok Sabha Elections Rajasthan

Facts on Candidates and Constituencies - 2009 Lok Sabha Elections Rajasthan

The picture of the electoral battle in Rajasthan became clear with the withdrawal of papers by 83 candidates. A total of 346 candidates are in the race now for the 25 Lok Sabha seats from the desert State.

According to State Election Department sources, almost all the candidates who withdrew nominations had filed their papers as Independents, though one each represented the Lok Janshakti Party and Bahujan Samaj Party.

The highest number of ten candidates each withdrew their nominations in Jodhpur and Tonk-Sawai Madhopur.  There was no withdrawal of papers in Sriganganagar, Jhunjhunu, Udaipur, Banswara and Chittaurgarh.

Around 3.7 crore voters will be able to cast their votes and 42,591 polling booths will be set up across the state. There will be an additional 13.89 lakh voters after the state Assembly elections held in December last year. The increase in voters is around 2.1% from Assembly elections

With polling day coming nearer, electioneering in all the constituencies has picked up and the leaders of all political parties are making whirlwind tours to the remote areas to meet the voters.

Election Candidates – Facts and Records

In this Elections 37 candidates with criminal records will be fighting for a place in the Indian Parliament. As per the data released by National Election Watch, a lot of parties have given tickets to candidates with criminal records which makes a Democracy a big mockery.

If you wish to find out more on details check out

The number of wealthy candidates fighting elections is also large with 56 crorepati candidates in Rajasthan joining the electoral fray. Among the major parties, Congress (15) has maximum number of crorepatis followed by BJP (12), BSP (8), SP (2). The average asset per candidate for Congress is three crores, BJP two crores, BSP one crores, and LJP one crores.

53.8 per cent of the total candidates have not furnished their PAN card details. Out of 187 independents, only 70 have submitted their PAN, while candidates of major political parties have mostly complied with this requirement.

Even the number of women candidates fighting elections is less than nine per cent as only 31 female candidates are in the fray.

These facts sounds speak so much about the kind of political scenario we have in our state and in our country at large. Our only hope is to aware common man about all those candidates who don’t deserve to win so they can be outcasted.

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Tarachand Bhagora – Congress candidate from Banswara Parliamentary Constituency

Congress candidate Tarachand Bhagora for Banswara Lok Sabha seat

Congress candidate Tarachand Bhagora for Banswara Lok Sabha seat

Tarachand Bhagora is the Congress candidate for the  Banswara Lok Sabha seat in Rajasthan. He will contest against Hakru Maida who belongs to BJP Party.

He was elected as Member of eleventh Lok Sabha from Dungarpur Rajasthan in the year 1996.

Educational and Social Profile

Tarachand Bhagora has worked as  Member and General-Secretary of Dungarpur Tribal Vikas Parishad and Scheduled Castes and  Scheduled Tribes Council. He has been involoved in various social upliftment activities during his political career.

Mr Bhagora  was born 1 January 1954 at Ratanpura, Dungarpur and has done M.A in political science from Rajasthan University.

Banswara Lok Sabha Seat – A Snapshot

Banswara is another Congress stronghold in Mewar. This seat was seized in 2004 by the BJP when things were going its way. It will be tough for BJP to retain this seat.

In the previous four Lok Sabha elections, it was only in 2004 that the BJP actually managed to snatch it from the Congress. All other times,  the Congress has won here and usually with very convincing margins.

Of the eight assembly segments, the Congress holds six, the JD(U) one and and independent one. The BJP’s performance in the recent assembly elections were absolutely dismal. The Congress vote was about one and a half lakh more than the BJP-JD(U) vote.

The BJP has denied a ticket to the sitting MP, Dhan Singh Rawat, and has fielded Mr. Hakru Maida. It will take a miracle for him to overcome the anti-incumbency generated by his predecessor. Mr. Rawat contested the just concluded assembly elections and lost by about 25000 votes in his home constituency.

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Pushp Jain – BJP candidate from Pali Parliamentary Constituency

BJP Candidate Pushp Jain - Representing Pali Constituency from last 10 years

BJP Candidate Pushp Jain - Representing Pali Constituency from last 10 years

Pushp Jain will contest from Pali as the  BJP candidate.

Pushp Jain  Represents Pali From Last 10 Year

Pusp Jain  was born on 4 April 1956 in village Jaitaran, Pali and represents the Pali constituency from last 10 years.

In this Elections, Pushp Jain will contest against Congress candidate Badri Ram Jhakar, who in the last polls lost to BJP’s Jaswant Singh Bishnoi in Jodhpur.

Educational and Social Profile

He has done B.Com from Commerce College and LLB from Law College, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Pushp Jain has been actively involved in social work activities. He played a active role in saving the cow progeny by providing them with fodder and water during famine in Rajasthan.

He made special efforts for protecting wild animals in Aravali mountain ranges, distributed relief material worth one crore rupees to the earthquake affected people in Gujarat and have shown keen interest in the treatment of the ill fated people.

Pali Parliamentary Constituency

A BJP stronghold in Marwar, this constituency will feature an interesting battle this time. Sirvis and Jains are the main groups of the area, and both of them have their strong points. The previous Lok Sabha elections have almost always returned illustrious Jains from the constituency, in particular from the BJP.

The Congress has won here only once in the last twenty years, in 1998 when a pro-Congress wave swept the state.

The assembly elections portray pretty much what might be expected. Of the eight assembly segments, the BJP won six, and the Congress two. The BJP vote is about 30,000 more than the Congress vote. The party managed to win four — Sojat, Bali, Marwar Junction and Pali — out of the six seats in Pali parliamentary seat, with tourism minister Bina Kak winning Sumerpur for the Congress and an independent Dilip Choudhary winning Jaitaran. To these, one may add Osian, Bhopalgarh and Bilara, which is now part of Pali.

However, the Congress sniffs an opportunity here. The newly-added assembly constituencies together account for close to 1.2 lakh of the total 2 lakh Jat votes in the 16,79,768 voter seat that might help it to change the equation in the constituency where BJP has won five of the last six parliamentary elections.

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Ram Singh Kasba – BJP candidate for Churu Lok Sabha seat

Ram Singh Kaswan of BJP for Churu, Rajasthan

Ram Singh Kasba of BJP for Churu, Rajasthan

Ram Singh Kasba will contest the Lok Sabha Elections as the  BJP candidate from the Churu Parliamentary constituency.

Ram Singh – Two Time Winner from Churu

Ram Singh has been retaining the seat for the past two general Elections. In Last General Election he  defeated former Lok Sabha speaker and senior Congress leader Balram Jakhar in the Churu by over 29,000 votes.

In this elections he will contest against Congress’s candidate Rafique Mandelia, who is a relative of Churu MLA Maqbool Mandelia.

Personal and Educational Profile

He was born on 10 August 1945 at village Kalri in Churu district in the family of Hindu Jat of Kaswan clan. He is son of Deep Chand Kaswan who has been a former MP from Churu.

He has done B.A from Doonger College and LLB from Rajasthan University. He worked extensively for resolving problems of development in both rural and urban areas. His profession is Agriculturist, Political and Social Worker and Advocate.

Churu Parliamentary Constituency

A constituency in the north of Rajasthan, this Jat stronghold will feature an interesting contest this time. Jats are touted as Congress supporters, but this is  not really the case. They generally support whoever benefits their community most. And the displeasure of the Jats for Ashok Gehlot is legendary. So, a consolidation of Jat votes in favor of the Congress is unlikely.

In the last two Lok Sabha elections, the BJP has been winning consecutively. The Congress however, won in 1996 and 1998. However, with each election, the BJP has been growing steadily. In the Assembly elections, the BJP won five, the Congress two, and an independent one. The BSP put up a fairly impressive show in two constituencies, to the detriment of the Congress.

By the same token, the independent who won ended up taking the BJP vote in that constituency, so even if the BJP is unable to repeat its Assembly performance, it is likely that the BJP will have an advantage here. The total BJP vote was about 30,000 more than the Congress vote.

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Chandresh Kumari – Congress candidate for Jodhpur Lok Sabha Seat

Congress Candidate for Jodhpur Lok Sabha seat - Chandresh Kumari

Congress Candidate for Jodhpur Lok Sabha seat - Chandresh Kumari

Congressian Chandresh Kumari will contest from Jodhpur Parliamentary Constituency. She has returned to her native place to face the heat and dust of electioneering leaving behind the cool environs of the land of apples, Himachal Pradesh.

Chandresh Kumari -  Sister of Gajsingh – A  former ruler of Jodhpur

Sister of former ruler of Jodhpur, Gajsingh and former national president of Mahila Congress, Chandresh Kumari locks horns with BJP’s sitting MP Jaswant Singh Bishnoi.

Political Career

Being a senior party person, three time MLA from Himachal Pradesh, three term minister and having experience of serving one term each in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, Chandresh Kumari seemed the right face to the party to avert BJP’s bid for a hat-trick.

Why She is Nominated From Jodhpur ?

With the inclusion of a sizeable Rajput population in Jodhpur Lok Sabha constituency after delimitation, the Congress decided to field Chandresh Kumari to mobilise Rajput votes in its favour. Ms Kumari is banking on Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, who is personally campaigning in the constituency to ensure her victory.

Having left Jodhpur nearly 40 years ago after getting married to Aditya Deb Katoch of Himachal Pradesh at the age of 24, Chandresh Kumari is now trying her best to woo voters in their local dialect.

The BJP candidate, on the other hand, is non-controversial and has no opponents inside the party.  He can count completely on the votes of the Bishnoi community, which numbers about 1.5 lakh, along with a good part of the Rajput vote, even if it gets split to an extent because of Chandresh Kumari.

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